Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Em has moved her dog pile skills to the next level. She will now dog pile any unsuspecting subject.... or ladybug chair.. whatever she deems necessary!

Em has dropped her afternoon nap for sure now. She is now just taking 1 nap around 11 o'clock.
She is becoming more and more brave, taking steps on her own now. But she is quick to grab on to our hand to continue her journey! She still loves to walk with her walking wagon toy. To change directions she picks the wagon up, turns in the direction she wants to go in and puts the wagon back down continuing on her merry way.

I finally gave in and started to walk on my own!!!  Mom and dad have really been trying to get me to walk without holding their hand for a couple weeks now and today I decided I would do it. I took off!!!!  First I walked from the couch to the foot prop piece of furniture.  I then walked to the chair where I was rocked to sleep many times as a young girl. I then walked all over the living room!!
Prior to that feat I made my first visit to a lake. I wanted to get in the water so bad yet Mom wouldn't let me. She said I didn't have a bathing suit. I usually bathe in my birthday suit so I'm not quite sure what a bathing suit is??

                                           I played outside and it was so hot that I got to wear my diaper around the house for a little bit!

                                                       Watching all the big kids swim

Brad worked today so Em and I had a girls day!  Our first stop was to watch  Madison Central High School play in the state championship softball game! One of the senior high girls in the youth group plays so we went out to support. I"m not quite sure how they did due to having to leave before the game ended. We made a pit stop by the park and this little boy poked Em in the eye and then pulled her hair!! Momma bear came out. The little boys dad was there and did nothing. I know you can not stop kids from doing things like this but at least tell him to stop. Alas, we then did a little shopping followed by a early dinner and early bath time.

                                                   About to show off my new walking skills!

                            Doing a little light reading while being shuttled from the park to the softball game.
                                                                Cheering for Emily!

Me and Pip went to church. Em didn't show off her walking skills in the nursery. I guess she is keeping this a secret!
After church we went to a baby shower. Em loved crawling on this animal print rug. She would go back and forth until I finally had to pick her up and leave due to melt down that was brewing. In her defense it was nap time! We went home for a short nap then went to the park. At the park Em wanted to take everything out of the diaper bag and then reload the diaper bag. She did this all afternoon!
We got home and played a little more followed by more outside time.... in a diaper. In my defense, when we got home from the park Pip was hot so I took her dress off. She then wanted to go outside yet it was soo close to supper time so I just opted to put her shoes on and let her go in her diaper. Oh well, I guess it is summer time!


Me, mom and dad went to the park today and I met a few new friends!  One little boy was named Jack, so I said "hi jack" all day. I slept on the way home from the park because I was soo tired from playing.

Guess who came today when I got back from the park?? Granna came to visit me!! She is staying the whole week so she can play with me and then we will all go to Dad's graduation on Friday!

Dear Sydney, Your tactics worked! I woke up several times during the night and you were right!!! Granna played with me all night long!! I even had two different suppers. Supper one was chicken and rice and supper two was pork chops and rice!!
Thanks for the advice but I think I'll sleep tonight because I am tired!
Love , Cousin Emma

We all slept in this morning. In the afternoon mom and Granna brought me to the park. I showed Granna how I like to empty my diaper bag. She got a kick out of that one!

                                                              Yogurt mustache!

Em slept really well last night. I think Brad and Granna were very happy about the new sleeping habits!
After I woke up today we went shopping for a few clothing items and then Granna wanted to get Em and Syd some books for our upcoming beach trip. We got a few books then came home for more play!
Em has found a new favorite food: cherries. She eats these with every meal now!

I also think Em is growing right now. She is eating more than I eat every day!

                                                   Happy Emma waiting on lunch!
                                                 Trying to decide what book to read first.

                                                   Thanking Granna for my new books.

Friday, May 17, 2013


Pip had a day of first! First time to watch the limb truck pick up limbs and first time to walk!!!  Yes!!!  She has been walking behind everything that will move and she will walking holding my hand but today she took 4 steps at the park. This is how it all went down....
Em was standing by Brad and I had her sippie cup. She wanted her cup so she just walked over and got it. She even paused during step 3 and started again. We were thrilled!!
The doctor told Em that she had the ability to walk she just had to get brave. I think we are finally getting brave.
On another note of first.. today was the first time Em initiated a kiss. She was in Brad's lap and she leaned her head back and planted a big one right on brads lips!! He melted into a little puddle of mush!
                                                               Pip loves the park!!
                                              Keeping her distance but watching the limb truck

Emma: There sure was a lot of noise outside my window last night. Dad said it was a thunderstorm. I hope those things don't come around too often! It was sunny all day so I got to play outside again. We went to a new park. Apparently it was for bigger kids but I loved playing in the dirt!  I handed mom all the leaves and dirt I found and she made a pile for me.
For supper I ate spaghetti and meatballs. This is my new favorite meal! Mom stepped out of the kitchen and I threw ... I mean Jack the cat ....threw my food everywhere. When mom came back she couldn't help but laugh!

Emma: I was going to let mom blog tonight yet I saw her picture selection and knew I better step in!
We went to the zoo today!!! Yet, I don't think one picture was snapped of an animal thus we could have been in the front yard pretending to look at animals while the took pictures of me. Just trust me on this one, we did go to the zoo and had a lot of fun!! See below for our time line of events. I'll tell you what animals I was looking at in each picture and you can imagine you see them too!

             I am looking at a giraffe!! Dad pointed out that they have 7 cervical vertebrae just like humans despite their neck being soo long... Oh dad!
                                           Going on a little stroll after looking at the rhino and the lemur
                                                       Take me to the alligator pit!
                                                             Hello Mr. Beaver
                                             This was my favorite.. the splash pad! Mom tried her hardest to not let me sit down.... oops!!
                                                         Sitting in the water......
                                                                and loving it!
Confession time: I did have a small.... ok HUGE.. melt down when it was time to go. I just wanted to stay for 2 more minutes but apparently that was 2 minutes too long! I was "that baby" crying as we left the zoo. How embarrassing!

It's mothers day! Em gave me the best give ever! A long afternoon nap for her = a afternoon run for me.

Brad and I were talking and Em has acquired quite a few nicknames over the past year.
Pip was first.... followed by Pipperoni.... followed by Pip Roni... followed by Ms. Roni.
Ahh the joys of nick names.

Pops came yesterday afternoon to visit me! He first saw Sydney and then came to see me. I guess he saved the best for last. he he he!  Today Pop's and I made a trip to the park and had multiple strolls around the neighborhood. I even showed him how much I love to take all the mail out of my jeep and throw it on the road! He got a kick out of that! The day was full of a lot of dog piles and I even showed pops my new trick of giving kisses!!


Dad’s here again; blogging for Emma. 
I think our little girl is going to be a little bit of a comedian.  We got her to try on some Dora the Explorer sunglasses yesterday, and she won’t take them off today.  She wore her sunglasses to pose for a picture with momma.  She wore her sunglasses as she crawled around the house.  She even wore her sunglasses to sing a little karaoke to Cindy Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!  Well, maybe in a few years, Em.

Emma posing with Momma, because she is too cool for school!

Crawling; Emma arrives on the scene sporting her new look.

Brad here again, blogging for Emma.  As many frequent visitors of this blog might know, dog piling is popular subject of discussion.  For those that don't engage in dog piling on a daily basis, it consists of lower your head and shoulders and crawling into the legs, torso, or neck of a loved one.  This is followed by rolling and rooting around as a little baby horseplay.  Any good card player knows about a "tell" (someone's habbit that tells you if they have a good or bad hand.)  Emma's tell is the expression pictured below.  She gets a special twinkle in her eye when she is about to dish out a dog pile.
Watch out Dad, you are about to be dog piled!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


It's Dad here, blogging for Emma.
I can't believe how fast our little girl is growing up, right before our very eyes. She is developing a real streak of independence.  Every now and then she will take off for her room (leaving daddy in her dust!)  I decided to hang back today and see what a little girl does when she thinks that no one is looking.  This day it included the following:
1.) play with stacks of clean diapers....scatter them and stack them back up
2.) play with barn animals.  

I was watching her "talk" to the animals with little baby babble when she suddenly looked over her shoulder and let out a big squeal.  My hiding position of lying on the floor and peaking into her door was discovered!  Emma then crawled over and "dog piled" her daddy and with a goat from her barn.  Sorry Emma, Daddy's always going to be watching.

Today Ms. Karen played with me while mom is on night shift and dad worked. Me and Ms. Karen had a good day!!  First off she read me a book so we became fast friends! Ms. Karen dressed me appropriately in my Kentucky Derby onesie to start the weekend off right. Aunt Staci bought this for me last year when she went to the Derby! I heard mom talking to dad that Cousin Syd was coming to visit me and she will be here tonight! I think we will have a party tonight!

Lauren, JW and Syd are here to watch Em over the weekend while Brad and I will be working. Em will be entertained for sure.. and I bet her teeth will be brushed faithfully!! (isn't that right Lauren?)

A party was held last night for sure but not I don't think anyone was happy about being invited! Em woke up around midnight, Syd shortly after and both girls were on separate car rides before the night was over. Syd, Laur and JW may or may not have slept in the car for some of the night!
Alas, when I got home everyone was in good spirits.
Mayor Mary was in the neighborhood campaigning today and MM hoped out of her truck to come visit Emma. I think MM read Emma's blog from last week and noted Em was supporting her rival. Yet, I don't think her vote can be swayed.
Em and Syd played alllllll day. They interact more and more each time they visit each other.

Another treasure pile AKA pile of pine straw

                                                    Some pre-bedtime racing up the hall.

5/5/2013:  Em and Syd played at the park this afternoon! There were a few melt downs but a lot of smiles. Emma always gets a little more brave with Cousin Syd around. She usually will not crawl through the tunnel at the park but today she went through it like a champ... right after Syd forged through it!

Emma: I just love going to the park! We now go just about everyday if it's still day light when mom and dad get home from work! I have mastered the tunnel and slide yet those steps though are still a little too tall for me but I'm sure I'll master them soon!
Cousin Syd left last night when Dad got home from work. I told her to sleep the whole ride home then let her mom put her in the crib.  My pep talk worked, Syd slept like a baby. A calm, tired baby that is.


Another beautiful day = outside time. We went outside to play this morning and Em found her first rolly polly.  She was so gentle with the little guy and didn't even try to eat him! After playing with her friend she took off pushing her car down the road. She then set down and started sorting her mail that rides in the back of her cozy coupe.  We tried discussing that the road is no place to read mail yet we had little luck. Good thing there is minimal traffic in our neighborhood.

                                                            Rolly Polly hanging out in Em's left hand.

Emma: Today I mastered the steps at the park! (Where there is a will there is a way!  I'm not really sure what that means but I hear mom say it a lot and I hope it applies here)
Dad had an interview today so me and Mom played in the yard all morning. We followed Louis the cat around the yard until I was plum exhausted. When I woke up from my nap we went to the park.
Mom had a meeting tonight and dad let me play outside with my water/sand table. This doesn't sound like anything new.. except he let me play without shoes on!!!  He he he, Hope mom doesn't find out, she is a stickler for wearing shoes outside.

                                                    May I water the plants, Mom?
                                                          Striking a pose in my little baby shorts!

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Daddy here again:  One thing that our little girl loves to do is to go and check the mail.  She loves to get caught up on all her paper work and make sure that the bills get paid on time.  She has been receiving flyers for the mayoral candidate John Bell Crosby.  You see, there was a big stink over some well-lit peacocks on a lady's roof last Christmas.  While not typical Christmas decorations, the peacocks did match the other Christmas decorations in brightness, size, and over-all flair.  Mr. Crosby has come out as a supporter of the peacocks while the incumbent was not a fan.  Emma has read Mr. Crosby's argument, and  has declared her support of the new candidate.  Below, Emma is making her first attempt at lobbying for my vote.  When asking nicely didn't work, Emma resorted to another tactic with the political flyer.

  Vote for Crosby, Dad. 

Don't Peacocks have rights too?

Ok, we can agree to disagree.  Just don't pick on any poor peacocks

Today was Millie's last day:( We will miss her greatly!  I've been talking to Em about Ms. Millie moving and about her new Nannie, Ms.Karen. I'm not quite sure she understands! Today she waved good bye to Ms. Millie and kept on trucking by.
I truly believe it takes a village to raise a child and I feel so lucky to have Ms. Millie be a part of Emma's village!
After we said our good bye's we went outside to play. We checked the mail and Em wanted to read it right by the mail box. So we did just that, sat in the grass and read our mail.

                                                 Emma is really into making piles of stuff. It does not matter what is in the pile as long as there is a pile!

Daddy here:  Emma has been on the go lately.  We have been going to the park and letting her play in the toddler area on the padded, fake grass.  Today we brought a walk-behind toy to let Emma have some room to roam.  She was so excited to be able to walk and play out there just like all the other big kids were doing.  Emma was pushing her toy so fast!  I am afraid to admit that our little girl stumbled on the sidewalk and got her first booboo.  She was so brave! She didn't even make a peep.  She just got right back up and kept on trucking!

Emma is trucking around the playground!

Right after a scrape on the knee...Emma doesn't care! She is tough as nails!

Just a little baby booboo :(

We have not played with Em's jeep in a while so we took it outside after all the rain today. She enjoyed riding in it for a few minutes. After a short time Emma was ready to get out.. so she pushed her car back home. We got back home and she wanted to keep pushing her car around the neighborhood. I bet she pushed that car 1/2 a mile today!

                                                        Ran out of gas.. guess I'll push it home!

Today was a busy day! We spent most of the day outside. Mom was off today and so was dad=nonstop going!
We started the day installing my big girl car seat. I played outside and pushed my car around the neighborhood. I then fell:(  I hate to say this but the fall was moms fault. She tried to turn me around and my little feet couldn't keep up. I fell down on one knee(the knee I hurt the other day) and it got all scraped up.We went inside and I got my first band aid! Mom and dad made a big deal about this...... they embarrass me sometimes.
We then went to toys r us and bought another car seat. For a second I thought there might be another addition to the family. I then learned that my new friend, Karen, will need one for her car! We are going to go places together!!
After that we went home for lunch then went to the park!!  I pushed my toy all around that park then we all went home for a nap. I woke mom up by gently hitting her in the face and we went back outside for the rest of the afternoon!!

                                              At the park... mom watching me like a hawk so I don't fall again.
                                                     In my new ride!! It even has cup holders!
                                                                  Band aid time!

                                                  I prefer to push my car rather than ride inside of it. Sometimes I stop in the middle of the road to read my mail. I get ushered to the grass when I try to pull that maneuver.

Emma: Today was a day for the books! Dad took me to the park and when we got home Ms. Karen was at our house! She drove by our house today because she is coming to visit me Friday while mom and dad work. Later in the afternoon mom came home and we went outside for a walk. Well, mom and dad walked, I pushed my car around the neighborhood again. We came inside and then the real fun began!!! Dad was getting rid of an old diaper boxes in my room. Mom put me inside the box and started to push me around the house in the empty box!!  Dad then got a rope and tied it to the box and pulled me around the house in the box!! I then had to go outside to swing to unwind before bedtime.

It all started with a box...
and ended with a fun ride!!!
Me and Dad coming inside for supper.

Rainy day... mom and dad are both home....another fun day indeed!! We first went to Lowe's and I met some new friends. I think I won them over with my wave and head of curls. This rainy weather really gets my curls bouncy. We then came home and I decided to push my jeep around the house instead of outside. There was a quick break in the rain and we attempted to go outside yet we got rained on and ran back inside. Dad then invented another toy!! A tunnel made out of my old car seat box! Me and Jack the cat enjoyed crawling back and forth.

                                                                  Shopping at Lowes.
                                                               Loading up my mail.

                                                         My new tunnel that me and jack love to use!