Thursday, March 28, 2013



Brad here:  Lindsey is working hard again tonight.  I am so proud of her.  I often tell people that she is the hardest working person that I know.  Emma is already following in Lindsey’s footsteps.  This little girl has fully devoted herself to “Walking Bootcamp.”  She has 2 different “walk-behind” toys (a learn to walk convertible wagon, and a fisher price dog that sings songs of encouragement.)  Emma has started her bootcamp by running intervals.  She alternates sprints and a slow, steady pace.  One of her favorite things is running a sprint behind one of her toys, and then switch to the other walk-behind without sitting down. 

With all this racing around, a little girl works up an appetite.  Emma loves her snacks and is getting fired up about the cheerios.

Emma: I don’t know what all this fuss is about.  Dad has been walking as long as I can remember.  I get tired of crawling on my knees all the time, so I figured I would give this walking thing a shot.  It’s hard work, but it’s kinda fun.  I love to eat some cheerios.  Does anyone know why dad is always taking pictures of me eating these snacks?

Emma: Today I have the winter blues! I played hard today and then read my mail. I then got a bright idea: go get my sand toys and maybe.. just maybe.. if I play hard enough with those toys I'll find myself at the beach!!

                                                         Get me to the beach momma!!!

Emma: Well, I woke up and I am still not at the beach but Lulu is here!!! she came to play with me while mom and dad work! I played with her jewelry all day long!

Today Emma enjoyed her first egg hunt. She found one egg... that was sitting on top of a chair and Brad helped her find another. She was content with two eggs. One for each hand I guess! Em was not a huge fan of the easter bunny but I think she reacted better to the bunny than to Santa Claus!

Well, Mom and Dad are up to it again. They brought me to see this huge rabbit!  He could have eaten me for a mid afternoon snack. I might also add it WAS mid afternoon! I tried to be brave but my emotions got the best of me!


Emma had a good day playing with Warner and Ms. Millie today. When we got home from work Emma had fun swinging and playing some more! She is gaining confidence in walking. Any day now she is going to leave her walking toy and strut down the hallway on her own!

                                                             Our new toy... the mirror.

                                                   Pip giving Dad a swift kick in the rear!


Emma: I have not felt too sporty today. I"m tired and don't really want to eat much. Ms. Millie held me all day. When mom got home I heard her talking to Ms. Millie and they discussed bringing me to the doctor tomorrow!!!  I decided to perk up real quick!!  Hopefully after a good nights sleep I'll feel better.

Speaking of a good night sleep. Last night I was mischievous!!  I went to bed around 7 but woke up around 11 and could not go back to sleep. Mom finally took me for a car ride and I still could not fall asleep. When we pulled back into the garage after our looong car ride I gave mom a big smile and laugh and promptly fell asleep in my crib!  The look on mom's face when I smiled at her was priceless!!

                                                             Not feeling too sports...

                              After the discussion about going to the doctor tomorrow I decided to gather all my friends together and give them a speech about how I was NOT going to the doctor tomorrow!!

Emma feels a lot better today! She was back to playing, laughing and participating in her new favorite game: dog pile! She loves to dog pile on top of anyone! Here's a picture of Em walking down the hallway in her LA Tech T shirt!  Go dawgs!! My dad is arriving tonight to watch Em tomorrow while Millie is out of town for a long weekend.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Today I thought I would take Em to the park. She has been skipping her AM nap so I thought she would be ok to venture to the park late morning. Apparently I was wrong.. Em did not enjoy that outing! In the afternoon we met a friend of mine and her daughter who is about Emma's age at another park.

Emma: Today I went to the park... twice. Mom was so excited about taking me to the park that she brought me in the morning like we used to do. But this time she thought I would like to swing or play in the sand. I usually would LOVE to do this but mom forgot this was in the middle of my nap time! I protested and got to go home and take a nap. I then woke up and went to another park to play with my friend, Mary Kinley. This went much more smoothly as I was well rested and playing with another friend!

                                                                Having a little girl talk!

We went back to the park this morning. This is becoming a habit.. too bad I will be going back to work on Monday. En route we had a little incident. I handed Emma her sippie cup while we were in the car. Yet I failed to notice the little plastic stopper was  not in the cup. Thus all the water spilled out while we were driving. Em's pants were soaking wet! So what did we do? Go home and change?  Not a chance! We took the pants off and I brought Em to play in her shirt while Brad dried the pants off in the car via the air vent. Pants were dry in 5 minutes and we were back in business!

                                                  Em doing a little studying in the afternoon.

I woke up today and my mom told me that my great grandmother, Nana, went to Heaven last night. She told me that Nana was loving, kind, patient and she loved God. Seems like the kind of lady I need to be when I grow up.
Granna got everything set up for my party and then Granna went to meet Pops back in Louisiana. My mom also told me that this is what you do as a family. You support each other in every situation. Good thing I am taking notes!
All my cousins arrived for my party: Sydney, Josie Kate and Jacob. Poor Henry was sick so he had to stay home. I sure missed him.
Lulu, G daddy and Aunt Nicole were here plus Aunt Lauren and Uncle JW. My adoptive aunts and 3rd set of grandparents also came: Baboo, Grandaddy, Aunt Staci and Aunt Kat!!  I tell ya I am one loved 1 year old!
We had our party then we loaded up and headed to Louisiana to prepare for Nana's funeral. What a day!

                                                             Me and Syd driving.
                                                  I just told a pretty funny joke to Josie Kate.
                                                             Jacob rocking me when I'm tired.
                                               Jacob was a big help with my presents!

                                                           Turning 1 is exhausting!

We made it to Winnfield last night and today we are all taking it easy..... if you call chasing after two 1 year olds easy!

                                           Me and Syd still love Pop's old stroller!! We now have to take turns riding in it which does not make either of us very happy. I guess we will learn about this sharing thing soon enough!

Emma: This morning we hit the road to Shreveport to celebrate Nana's life. I was tired so I was pushed around in the stroller through the service but Sydney was able to go inside during the service. Sydney told me she was very good and she thought the service was perfect for Nana. Syd even said she got to eat puffs in church!!! I must bring this up with mom!!
After the service we ate lunch at Copelands. I tasted Granna's salad and loved it!

Whew, what a whirlwind of a weekend.
We are back in Mississippi. This evening me and Emma played in her new sand box. It appears we will need a sand refill sooner than later because Emma's is eating all of the sand!
Before bed Emma made about 100 laps up and down our hallway pushing her walking toys. She has two of them so I would put one on each end of the hallway and she would walk back and forth between them.
We will both be in bed early tonight!
                                                      Making the switch between walking toys.
                                                                    Sand box fun!

Emma: Well,  I am still cruising up and down the hallway with my walking toys. I'm trying to prepare for Easter and become brave enough to walk on my own by Easter!  I have an Easter egg hunt to win!
I also just heard that Lulu is coming this weekend while mom and dad work!! I bet she will let me walk all day long!!

Friday, March 15, 2013



Today is my birthday and let me tell you it was great!!  Mom made me pancakes this morning so the day started out on the right foot! Ms. Millie came and even brought me a gift!  I then got some balloons and flowers from Granna and Pops. As soon as mom and dad got home they brought out my own pink jeep and some new books! We then ate supper and I tried spaghetti . which I loved! It was then time for cake... that poor cake didn't stand a chance!! I ate it all up! I then played a little more then went to bed a happy 1 year old!
                                                    Me and Dad with my birthday balloons!
                                                                    My new ride!
Reading my daily mail in my new ride!


Today starts my week off!!!!  Hip Hip Hooray!!!  Brad is also off from school (not work) but he will be home most of the time!
Emma gave Ms. Millie a big hug before she left today. I can not express enough how much we LOVE LOVE LOVE Ms. Millie!!
Today is a memory I hope I always remember. It wasn't quite supper time yet I was hungry so I went and got some cheerios for a snack in a little coffee mug. As soon as I sat down by Emma she put her little hand out. So we both spent the next  20 minutes eating Cheerios together. Good start to vacation week indeed!


Emma: Today was girls day. Dad is working all day and me and mom are hanging out. We did a lot today! Soo to keep everything straight I'll just document the day with pictures!

                                                   First I practiced my egg hunting skills..

                                             We then brought the hunt outside and I played in the dirt.

                                        We then went to a birthday party for two of my friends: Vincent and Cashel
                                        We went to the childrens museum. This is my playing in a log cabin..
                                                          and me crawling through the woods...
                                                      and me reading books at the museum.

Sunday and we are in town and not working so we get to go to church!! Brad is under the weather:( He ate something bad yesterday. No, it was not my cooking.. the culprit was something at work!
Emma went to the nursery and played her little heart out this morning. By the time we got to the car after church she was sound asleep. She took a good afternoon nap then we had our cheerio snack time then headed outside to play. We then came inside and read just about every book Emma owns then ate supper followed by the usual bedtime routine.

                                                      Cheerios.. there are some in that orange egg as well!
                                       Emma's new favorite past time . Point at every object she sees and name it. Most things are called "bnffff".


Today we went to the doctor for Em's 12 month check up! Her growing is slowing down. She is now 75% percentile for height and weight, still >95% for head! (30 inches long, 22.12 lbs).
Emma does not like shots.. what child does? The nurse had Emma lie back on the little table and gave her two shots. The nurse left and after we consoled Emma we put her back down on the table to put her clothes back on. As soon as we put her on the table her head swung around to see if that nurse was back for more shots. Once she realized there was no nurse in the room she was fine!
The doctor also said it is time to be more "aggressive" with weaning the bottle and go to the sippie cup. We have been trying for a couple months but I would not use the word aggressive to describe what we are doing! Emma was taking notes because as soon as we got home she drank water from her sippie cup then milk from the cup at lunch. Smart girl!!
We also trired peanut butter today for the first time and it was a HUGE hit! She ate an entire PB and J sandwich for lunch.

                                   You want me to drink from a sippie cup?  Doctors orders? Sure thing!


Another good day! Brad and I are both home today so we played and played some more!
Emma is still drinking from her SC(sippie cup) like a pro. When it is time to potty train I am going to bring Em back to the doctor so he can tell her it's time to potty train... \I'll be hoping for fast results just like the SC!
Today I made em's favorite meal of the moment.. chicken pot pie. She eats this stuff like its ... umm.. puffs??!?!  Oh well, she eats it up!  She crams hand fulls into her mouth and smiles real big while she is eating.

                                                         Snack time!  Look at those curls!!

                                                Louis the cat is never safe!!!

Emma:  I am still drinking from the SC.. lets face it. If I would have known that drinking out of that cup would make mom and dad sooo happy I would have done it months ago:) Alas, that real milk is much better than formula!!
Today was a busy day for a baby! My memory isn't to sharp right now because I am so tired so I'll just post some pictures and tell you about my day in pictures. This was a day full of moving and shaking!

                                                    The day started out with a trip to Lowes, I even got an eye hook!
                                      Followed by an afternoon of play in my new sand box!!!  Thanks Granna and Pops!!!!!!

                                   We then went shoe shopping... this is what I think of my new shoes!  They are for the dogs!

                                         I then helped mom cook supper after disposing of my shoes.

                                                  Then me and dad finally got to relax in our hammock chairs!

Stick a fork in me I'm done!!  Good night folks!