Wednesday, February 27, 2013



Brad here blogging while Lindsey is on call. Emma loves to play!  Sometimes she plays at an "unsustainable pace."  There is no way that this little girl could play any harder.  It's very tiring to play this hard, but does Emma stop playing?  Nope, she just finds a way to keep on playing.  Tired of standing at her music table, Emma does what must be done, in order to keep on playing.

"Baby Squat"

2/22/2013: Hooray for Friday. Em had a good day and continues to play away. She again enjoyed mail time and we even brought back some old mail for her to play with. Tonight she thoroughly enjoyed her supper. She grabs handfuls and shoves it in her mouth thus most ended up in her lap.

More mail before bed.

2/23/2013:  Emma: This morning as soon as I woke up I ate a waffle and we (me and mom) loaded up in the car and headed to Sydney's house! Dad has to work this weekend so he couldn't come along. I'll miss him for sure. I hear that we are making this trip so mom can run a marathon this weekend.
Once we arrived at Syd's house we went to eat lunch at one of my favorite places! A Mexican restaurant!!!
I ate tortillas, guacamole and quesadillas! Pops then stated to pay for our meal and Syd grabbed a 20$ bill!!! I didn't have any money to play with some Pops then gave me 20$!! I can see this working in our favor in the years to come!!

We (mom, Aunt Lauren, Syd, Granna, Pops) all loaded up and headed to New Orleans so mom could get her race gear before tomorrows race. At the race expo Granna bought me a onesie that says "run mommy run"!!!! I bet it will look good with my under armour work out pants!!

At the expo!!
Thanks Pops!

2/24/2013: Emma: Today is race day for mom. But I had a blast playing in the grass! I love to pull grass out of the ground and play with it. We did this for a loong time waiting for mom to come around to the end. Apparently this was not a race of the short variety! I got to play with Granna and Pops all morning. After the race me and mom loaded back up and drove back to Mississippi. As soon as I got home Dad came outside to greet me! I slept the entire ride home so all that travel was not too bad!

 Mom arrived and stopped to say hello during the race!
 Post race fun!

Playing with dirt!

Me and Syd discussing worldly topics.

This marathon business wears me out!

2/25/2013: Emma here: Mom is on call so it's me and dad again partying it up! Dad made the cats a new toy with a ball on a string. Too bad cats, I think this is a pretty good toy!! Thanks dad!!!

2/26/2013: Em still seems tired today from her long weekend. She felt warm today but didn't have a fever. I sure hope this is only a new tooth coming in and not the start of another ear infection!!
Em didn't want to drink much today but she would drink water from a straw... so I fed her like a little bird and dropped water into her mouth via a pink straw. While I did that she played with the parts of her bottle.. the bottle she refused to drink!

Note the sippie cup turned over. We still do not like that cup!

2/27/2013: Em is feeling better today!  I think she is just getting another tooth!! She was back to enjoying mail time today which is a sign she feels better! The picture below is the look Emma gave me when I attempted to take one piece of mail from her!

Don't mess with a babies mail!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Emma: My first Valentine's Day!!!  Millie started the day off by making me pancakes!!
I slept through the night last night!  Hooray for good sleep!!!!
Mom and Dad bought me a frog hat. I guess I shouldn't have cried when they put it on my head but I didn't want the hat on my head. I'll try better next time. I did enjoy playing with the Valentine balloon   But my favorite part of the day is when we go check the mail and I get to play with all the envelopes!

                                                                       Mail Time!!!!

Today I slept until 9:30!! I woke up and Ms. Millie was already here! She told me I was sleeping like a teenager. I guess teenagers like to sleep for a long time in a crib in footie pajamas.
Dad is working tonight so when mom came home she made me breakfast for supper! We ate pancakes and eggs. I then pulled all of my toys out and we played and played some more.
Emma:  Everybody is home today!! We all woke up and ate cheese toast for breakfast. I then went with Dad to Lowe's to get another rake and some bags. Little did I know that this rake we just bought is not a fun toy!!  Mom and dad worked in the yard all morning!! I got to play outside the entire time! First I had to put some outside lotion of my face.. it definitely was not my after bath lotion. Dad said it would help the sun stay off my face. The sun looks pretty far away to me.. But I guess it likes to visit and isn't very nice when it does visit! Hope my lotion keeps it away. I then took a looong nap then we went out shopping! We got home and I ate supper and will likely be going to bed soon!

                        I was crawling to breakfast and I met Jack the cat. I always stop to say Hi to Jack!
My new favorite hobby is crawling over mom!
                                                     Lunch time!  Walking to eat lunch!

This Sunday was a day of "before and after."  Before we look at the pictures, we must understand Emma's love for cereal puffs; aka puffs.  Em will be done eating, but will insist that puffs be given to her.  She will shove fists full of puffs in her mouth with both hands, if left to her own devices.  Below are pictures of Emma "before" and "after" puffs; as well as a short video showing her love for even a single puff.

Before a puff.  Where are they already?!

After a puff.  Oh yeah!

This is what it is all about

Emma loves her blocks!

Why does Emma love her blocks?

So She can knock them down!!!

Emma loves this elephant she got for her birthday. At first she was scared of it because it plays music and shoots balls out of its snout, but now she can't get enough of it. She will hit the button to make it go over.. and over.. and over again!
I also love her little legs in this picture!!  Too cute!

Emma: I still love mail time! Today I received a card in the mail from my Aunt Staci, Aunt Kathryn, Baboo and Granddad. They are part of Sydney's family but they treat me like I am one of them!!! The card they sent me plays music!!!! I keep on opening and closing it!
I also hear that Pops is coming to visit again tomorrow!!!

Emma: Today is Wednesday which means we usually go to church. It was a normal church day except Pops came and picked me up early from the nursery!!!!!  We went home and played until mom and dad got home... then we played some more!  I didn't go to bed until waaaay past my bedtime!! 
Pops came over so he could get in line early in the morning to get my name on a list so I can attend mothers day out in the fall! 


                                     I thought it was real funny when dad would put my blanket in the basket!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013



Emma is 11 months!!!  Thats right we planning a birthday party soon!!!!
I attempted to stick her 11 month sticker on her shirt but notice the small bit of paper she is holding... that is the remains of the 11 month sticker.
Emma's new favorite thing to do is play with the mail. She is getting to be a pro with finding the bills!
Excuse the water all over her top.. we will call that a sippie cup fail!
LuLu is coming to visit tomorrow!!

Lulu is here... yet I think Emma is getting sick:(  A few days ago I told Brad that we had almost made it a year without having to bring Emma to the doctor for a "sick visit". Looks like I might have spoken too soon!

Lulu arrived yet Em was too tired to even play. She had her bath and went right to sleep! Hoping she feels OK tomorrow!

If each day had a title today's title would be Blaaaaaa. Em doesn't feel good and has fever today. Lulu and Brad stayed home with Em while I was on call:(.


Emma: I learned a new word and the meaning of that word over the past few days. The word is "sick". Sadly I have not been feeling well! I didn't even want to eat puffs or play with my little people barn yard set!!
Mom got home around noon and I stayed in her arms most of the day. Lulu then took a shift holding me then I went down in my crib for a nap. I woke up after about 20 minutes and felt a lot better!!  I played with my barn yard then worked a puzzle!  I even started reading my new Highlights magazine. It seems I might have over exerted myself because when it was time for my bath I didn't even want to play. Hopefully tomorrow I don't feel sick!

                                                        How the day started lounging on mom...
                                                                 How the day ended!

Well, we thought things were getting better but Em still isn't sleep well:(. We went to the doctor today and Em has an ear infection. The Dr. thought her fever was likely a virus and just a small ear infection was a side effect of inflammation from the virus. Thus we are now on antibiotics.  Let's hope this leads to some good snoozing time tonight!
                                                          Not feeling sporty but all smiles!
Brad earned his daddy stripes last night! Em would only fall asleep while riding in the car and would wake up as soon as she came back inside. Brad then decided he would drive Em around and then they would both sleep in the car. Em in the car seat.. Brad in the front seat. This night was long yet not limited too jumping the car off in the middle of the night... feeding Emma a bottle at a gas station in Canton and a couple Frosties from Wendy's.
An emergency call was placed to my parents this morning and my dad is coming tonight to help out with night time duty!!

Emma:  I had a pretty good day after sleeping in my car seat all night. During supper Pops showed up!  He brought me the best toy! It's a pin wheel that spins and blinks different lights!!!! I"m hoping Pops can help me sleep better tonight.

                                            Before bed Em showing pops how to work the remote.

I feel good today!!!  According to mom "I'm back to my ole self". I slept pretty good last night and I only work up once!  Pops gave me a bottle and rocked me back to sleep.
Mrs. Millie came today and Pops left around lunch time to go back to Winnfield. Mom is on call tonight so it's me and dad holding down the fort.


Today Emma really mastered walking behind her push toys!! To celebrate we both ate grilled cheese sandwiches for supper followed by a little squash. Doesn't sound like much but Em loves her grilled cheese!

We then read about 1000 books but she couldn't decide what she wanted to read as the last book before bed time!


I hear it's Friday... everyone seems to get excited about it so I will too! Today I showed Ms. Millie how I could walk while pushing my toy!  Dad came home and told me mom was on call tonight so me and dad hung out. I found a new trick while standing up by the window... I can smash my nose in the window! Oh the fun things I have left to learn!  Happy Friday!

Today me and dad hung out until mom got back from work. Dad lets me get ALL my toys out at one time!!  Mom didn't seem to notice the mess I made because she took a nap when she got home.
Later in the day I opened a gift from my cousins that live in Memphis: Jacob, Josie Kate and Henry. They sent me a Valentines book and my first home made Valentine!!
I then joined mom and dad when they went to eat at a local Mexican restaurant. I saw mom pack my usual supper in my diaper bag but I got to eat tortillas, re fried beans and guacamole!!
Bath time followed and I hit the sack! Bath time was cut short due to an unexpected.. umm.. visitor.. in the tub. I guess the Mexican food got to me!

                                            Thank  you for my Valentine Jacob, Josie Kate and Henry!!


I love Sundays... especially when both me and Brad are off... and today was that kind of Sunday!!
We went to church and Em played hard in the nursery. I then took a looong nap while Pip and Brad went to the store!  Thanks Brad!!!!We then went outside to play followed by supper and an early bed time for Em!
Now time to catch up on the Super Bowl!

Today Emma learned a new trick with Ms. Millie. Em would stand up and then fall straight into Millie. As I walked into the house today I could hear Em laughing from outside!
Em enjoyed quesidellas tonight along with a little rice and chicken. With Emma eating more and more table food it is making the rest of the family eat healthier!

Clapping in the tub while water flies into Em's face.

Pip loves loves loves her bath!!!

I haven't documented the post bath parade in a while.. sooo it still occurs and here it is!

Dad blogging here's a pretty warm day, so Emma decided to take me for a walk around the neighborhood.  Emma's moving along pretty good, and decides to make up a new game on the walk.  She decides to teach Daddy to fetch the horse that you see in her right hand.  As we go along the walk, I decide that 10 is the magic number when the fetch game comes to an end. 
 Once we got back home, it's concert time.  One evening, when Emma didn't want to sleep, I would start to dance to the ABC song when she played it.  Now, every time Emma plays the song, she turns and flashes the smile you see below.  She will stare at me until I break down and start to dance to the ABC song.  I hate to break it to Emma, but no one wants to see Daddy dancing.  Keep smiling girl!


Emma:  I slept sooo good for Dad last night! I woke up and played with Ms. Millie. Mom came home, gave me a hug and kiss then went to take a nap. 
After mom woke up we went to Sonic for a little treat. Mom ate ice cream for supper!!!!  I ate grilled chicken, sweet potato and veggies... now what is wrong with this picture!??

                                           Emma now stays on her knees to "walk" behind the toy.