Wednesday, January 30, 2013



Brad:  Well it’s dad’s turn on the blog, and I have some big shoes to fill.  Lindsey is working a Hem/Onc call.  I never understood why they it is called “on call” for the resident that has to stay in the hospital, but that is neither here nor there.  Emma has been on-the-go lately. I love watching this little girl play!  I never knew how much fun watching a little girl “pull up” on furniture could be!

Emma:  Dad says momma is working hard tonight, because someone has to bring home the bacon.  This makes absolutely no sense!  They never eat bacon?  I have been trying a lot of new foods lately; I wonder if they plan on feeding me any bacon?  That has to be it!  Every now and then I will go stand up by dad and try to give him a bite of my Fisher Price Little People.  He acts so weird when I do this.  He talks about what a big girl I am and I’m not even a year old.  He stands up about 100 times a day, but acts elated when I do it.  He even takes pictures of me standing!  I will never understand this man, but I’ll keep him around as long as he keeps feeding me those cereal puffs.

I got home and slept for a couple hours then me and Em loaded up and headed to Winnfield to start Sydney's birthday celebration! Em loved hiding under the blanket with Pops! She thought it was big fun to pull the blanket off their head and squeal!

Me and Granna after mom attempted to put me in my crib! he he he

Emma: After playing all afternoon and night I was still ready to play some more. Yet mom tried to put me to bed. I heard Sydney arrive so I protested and Granna and Pops came to the rescue. Pops even took me on a ride in the car at midnight!!  After our ride I promptly went to bed.

Emma:  Sydney's party is today!! What a day we had!! Sydney loves to walk while pushing a laundry basket. Mom put me in the laundry basket and Syd pushed (while mom pulled) me around the house! Syd then got to eat cake (none for me yet..booo) and then we opened presents.

                                                        Aunt Kat and Em having a conversation.
                                                                  The party room!
                                                                 We love to swing.
                                              Syd eating her cake. Syd told me she liked the ice cream the best.  I'm taking notes for my big day that is coming up in March!
                                                       Granna reads the best bed time stories.

Back to reality. We left Winnfield around 1 and got home just as Brad arrived home from work. Pip was sooo glad to see her daddy! We tried avocado tonight and Em loved it.

Today Emma had a tea party with her new tea party set. Brad came home and she invited him to join in on the party. I feel this is the first of many tea party dates they will have together!
                                                          Feeding dad a croissant.
                                                        Dad then wanted a bite of cup cake.
                                                           Playing tea party is soo fun!!


Millie sent me this picture of Em today! Makes my day when she sends me pictures! Brad is working tonight so me and Em went for a loong walk then did a little swinging on the front porch. Supper then bath time then a little more play. Em has pushed her bed time back to almost 8pm now. It allows for more play time for sure!

The usual Wednesday routine occurred again around here. We got home, loaded up for church where we all ate supper. Usually Em doesn't fuss when we drop her off at the nursery but she is glad to see us when we come back to pick her up. Tonight when I went to pick her up she turned her back to me then proceeded to cry as I carried her out of the nursery.
She was soo tired when we got home. While taking a bath Em wouldn't let me use her washcloth because she was too busy sucking her thumb and using the washcloth for a blanket!  Poor Em!!
Due to the thumb sucking in the bath tub I decided not to take a picture of Em awake today, she needed to hit the sack stat!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Emma: This morning I woke up (early, I might add, 5:30AM due to Jack the cat meowing at the front door). At first I was mad at Jack for waking me up but then I saw why he was meowing so loud! There was all this white stuff on the ground and it was cold! Mom and dad told me it was snow. Alas, this snow stayed on the ground for just a few hours then it just disappeared. I didn't think I would be able to go for a stroll today with Ms Millie but it got warm this afternoon so we got to go on a walk!

Mom then came home and she loaded me up and we landed at a basketball game. We watched Laura play basketball and then I got to watch Anne Carrie and Laura dance at half time!!
If every snow day is like this "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow".

Lindsey: Em didn't do much with the snow.. i really don't blame her.. it's cold! We went to the basketball game and she would literally watch the game.Her little head would move back and forth as the game would move up and down the court! I have to say I was beaming with pride.. crossing my fingers she will love to play herself!

                          "come on mom, do you really want me to look away from the game for a picture"?

Millie sent me this picture of Em and Warner playing!
 When I got home we played and then went outside to swing for a little bit. Emma thought it was hilarious today when I would move my toes back and forth! She would let out a loud belly laugh every time I would move my toes!

Tomorrow we are heading to Baton Rouge to see cousin Syd!

We arrived in Baton Rouge around 1PM. We headed straight to the expo to pick up my running bib and packet. I signed up to run a marathon this weekend... hence the trip to baton rouge. I said last March that I planned on running a marathon before Emma turned 1:  check that off the list!
We then took a walk on the levee and headed back to Sydney's house to see Syd. Em and Syd finally played together. Now they weren't playing hungry hungry hippos but they did sit together and follow each other around. They seem to interact more and more each time they see each other.
                                         Me and Em at the expo looking at the course I'll be running.
                                                                It's tough to be a baby!
                                                               Syd and Em playing.

Emma: This morning mom was gone when I woke up. Apparently she felt liking running a looong way today. We (Dad, Aunt Lauren, Uncle JW and cousin Syd) all loaded up and went out to meet mom around mile 20. I was having a good time watching the race until mom came around the corner... then everybody started to yell and it scared me! I think I looked frightened when mom saw me but I tried to keep a brave face on!
We got home and played some more.  Tonight mom and dad went out to eat so I got to hang out with the Wiley's. They fed me supper ( i want tell mom about the extra puff's I got!!), gave me a bath with Syd, then fed me my bottle and off to bed. Ohh, I can't forget, Uncle JW even brushed my teeth!
                                                     Uncle JW even made me pancakes! I was told I can eat the chocolate                           chocolate chip pancakes next time I come to visit!!!

                                                      Me and Sydney waiting on mom to run by.

                                               Giving mom and pep talk during the marathon.

We left Baton Rogue around 9 this morning and got home around noon. We fed Em, went to the store then home for a nap. By the looks of this picture Em played hard all weekend!

                                       Notice the cats and Emma lined up... they are all watching the cat toy that Brad is                     moving around!


Em: Well, last night was one for the books. After all was said and done I went on 2 car rides: 1 before midnight and the other one after midnight. I just couldn't stay asleep. I think more teeth are coming in to join their friends that are already in place. I sure hope they hurry up!
Tonight I ate squash, sweet potato and chicken! I think I ate the same thing that mom and dad ate!!!  I had puffs for dessert.. they had brownies. No fair!
Well, off to get my bath, I can hear dad tuning up his singing voice as I type.


Emma: Boy I slept good last night! We went to church tonight and didn't get home until past my bedtime. Apparently church is important! When we got home I was told it is "no bath Wednesday"!!  I changed into my pj's and went to bed! I tried telling mom earlier that she had not snapped my daily photo yet, but she couldn't understand me. So I'm guessing a sleeping picture will be all mom has to post today.

                                          I told ya!  Sleeping baby pic! I can read mom like a book!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Emma: Mom and dad came home this afternoon and it was play time. Mom and dad were crawling around in a circle trying to get me to join them... that is until mom got a cramp in her foot!  ha ha, silly adults, they crawl when they should be walking.
Tonight at supper I tried pears and mandarin oranges. The pears I spit out but the oranges were pretty good!
Bring on the fruit!

                                                     Playing on the floor while my supper is being prepared.


Today two things occurred (among many). Em likely ate her first bite of cat food. Yes, time to move the cat food plate. And she found a new place to play with her toys on the window seal.

Brad is working so it's me and Em today. We lounged in the morning then had a play date in the afternoon with her friend GG. They warmed up to each other after a little bit and were crawling all over each other.
We got home, napped, went on a walk then caught up on our most recent Highlights magazine.

                                                                 We love Highlights!
                                                            Em playing at her new favorite spot.

                                                                       Play date fun!

Em: Dad is still working so it's me and mom again today. I bet mom didn't mention that she burnt my pancakes yesterday morning?? Well, she did it again today! They weren't as bad but still a little darker than I like. Oh well, a baby can't be picky. We went to early church because I woke up around 6AM. It was hot when we went to church and by this afternoon it was cold outside. This weather does a number on my hair!  I then helped mom around the house by folding clothes and playing with all the mismatched socks.

                                                            My curls can not be tamed!
                                                      Relaxing while drinking my morning bottle.
                                                Jack is too quick.. I can't quite catch him.
                                                                    Hard at work.

A usual day today! We got home and played a little before the night time routine started. By the looks of these pictures Em is still a daddy's girl! Tonight she perfected sticking her tongue out.... sigh.. thanks Brad!

                                      Note the tongue.....                       Big smile for daddy!

Em: Today I kept pulling off the socks of Warner (my friend who stays with me and Millie during the day). After I got bored with that I tried pulling Warner on his blanket while I was crawling, but apparently that is frowned upon in this establishment. Millie nipped that in the bud before I could even get good traction.

Mom and Dad came home and we played then ate supper. I got to eat grilled cheese again and it wasn't burnt! Way to go mom!!! Dad's sandwich seemed to have more cheese than mine, but I'll address that next time we dine.

Off to bath time  but first I had to grab my washcloth. I have many jobs around this house and one is to hold on to my washcloth as we walk to the bath tub. I usually hold it in my mouth so I don't drop it!

                                                            Holding on to my washcloth!
                                                Picking around the corn to find the grilled cheese bites.


Emma: I woke up at 5:15 this morning. I heard mom rummaging around and she even peaked in on me... I think mom thought I was going back asleep... she was wrong!  I played in my crib until about 6:15 then they finally came and got me up for the day.
Ms. Millie thought I would have some good naps today due to my early wake up call... wrong again!  I only napped once but boy did I regret that move around 5PM. I was tired yet it was time to go to church. I pulled up my big girl panties (well, ok diapers) and went to church. I made it through the meal just fine but was ready for the crib after that. Dad brought me home, quick bath, warm bottle them to the crib I dove.
Sorry this picture isn't better but I was too tired to pose for any pre or post bath photos. A baby needs her rest!

Lindsey: Hard to believe she is filling the crib! Also hard to believe she never attached herself to another blanket other than the one from the hospital. Out of all those pretty blankets, my Pip chooses the free one! I guess it was the first blanket she ever met right after her birth. Em is still a thumb sucker... the thumb must have fallen out in her deep sleep!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013



Emma:  Ms. Millie was back today!!! I had a big ole grin on my face when she walked through the door this morning! Dad got home this afternoon and mom was right behind him. We played and I demonstrated more of my crawling skills. It was then time for supper followed by a bath in the big bath tub which was followed by the obligatory "parade the baby around the house in her towel".  Mom still gets a kick out of it so Dad still conducts the parade. I guess I'll comply even though I am the one being paraded around in my birthday suit!
I hear that G-daddy is coming in town tomorrow!!  My G-daddy loves to run and there is a marathon in Jackson tomorrow!  Go G-daddy Go!!!!!

                                                                    Playing with Dad!
                                                    Who needs toys when you have socks!!!!?

Hooray for Friday! Brad and I are both off again this weekend!! Em had a good day with Millie. The weather cooperated so they got to go on their mid day walk. That always makes for a good day for a baby!
                                                       Love that curl on top of Pip's head!!

1/5/2012: A day of play.. a little nap... and topped off with a drive around town because we all had cabin fever. It is a dreary day outside so we couldn't go for a walk or swing with Em thus the car ride will have to suffice. Over the past few days Em has become a daddy's girl!! She lights up when Brad walks in the room.. as does Brad! I love to see them interact, their bath time fun is probably the most entertaining thing to listen too!
G daddy didn't get to come visit due to roof repairs at his house!  Come back soon G daddy and LuLu!
                                                  Brad and Em picking out the movie for tonight.
                                                  Em played with this water bottle all afternoon.
                                                               Still tired after her nap.
Another Sunday Funday for Em. We planned on going to early church yet didn't quite make it. Em has been playing in her crib at night so last night she didn't technically fall asleep until 8:30 or so. Thus she was not ready to get up early this morning.
I made her pancakes and she ate 1! I was one proud mother. I think this was the first meal I "cooked" for Em. Maybe this will start a tradition: Sunday AM pancakes.
We dropped her off at the church nursery and she didn't even cry! This is huge because usually she will cry until we walk away, not this time, she left us in a second!
After church we had a walk followed by a little swing time outside. The regular night time routine occurred and Em was off to bed. We thought she went to sleep right away, yet the picture below documents something else!

                                                           Pip and Brad before church.
                                              Em waiting patiently while we get ready for church.
                                       It's hard to tell, but her feet are propped up on the bumper while she sleeps. We postulate that she was attempting an escape and got tired!
                                                Still enjoying the game of "Where's Emma"?

Em:  I am 10 months old today!!  I celebrated with learning to pull half way up with my walker toys then mom made me a grilled cheese sandwich! I don't know what mom is talking about, I think she is a great cook: her pancakes and grilled cheese are the best I've ever had.....

I feel like Em has grown up over the past week... Or atleast established an independence. She will push my arm away in a heart beat whether I am trying to feed or or just hold her. She can do it on her own!
10 months today!
We are crawling, pulling up and eating real food. She prefers to more baby food, yet due to the huge stock pile we have in the pantry Em will be fed baby food until we are out! Sorry Pip!


Emma: Hello all! Today was another good day.. come to think of it I don't think I've experienced a bad day except for the day I was born.. what a change of scenery to say the least!
Alas, today Ms. Millie came again. I tried another food today: lunch meat, turkey I was told. I really hope I can eat this at other times beside lunch because this lunch meat was yummy!
Dad got home and took me on a walk, before we were finished mom got home and joined in. I then ate supper then played a looong time in the bath tub.
Dad read me a story and off to sleep.

                                              We've upgraded from the finger tooth brush to a real one!

Wednesday night church has started back... Em is now eating exclusively table food... equals first time we pack Em a meal! She didn't cry again when we left her in the nursery and she was wide awake when we went to pick her up at 7! She is usually fast asleep by 7pm! Is this little baby trying to grow up??

                                                   Em looking at her daddy... daddy's girl for sure!

                                                            About to eat at church.