Saturday, December 29, 2012


Em didn't refuse to eat any meals today. Tonight we are attempting to get Emma to stay up a little later and see if she might sleep a tad later. Fingers crossed, we will see what happens in the morning.

Em woke up at 5AM, played in her crib until around 6 and then was ready to actually get up. The whole staying up later thing did not work as we thought it would! We got her up and put her at her desk while we got ready for the day. She was bouncing around for a good 45 minutes.

Emma: Mom and dad let me stay up late last night so I decided to wake up extra early to show them how excited I was to stay up late! I went straight to my desk and played for almost an hour before I was ready for breakfast!! Ms. Millie showed up and I was already at work! I feel a long nap coming this afternoon but for now it's time to play!

                                               Note how dark it is outside... too early Pip!

Brad and I were both home this morning so Em joined us in the bed for her morning bottle. I think she likes it in the big  bed!

I worked last night so Brad and Emma went to church. We then started on our Christmas cheer project. We made cookies for all of the neighbors. We got about 20 bags in and then it started to rain. Alas, lots of left over cookies! Em enjoyed walking around the neighborhood and visiting with everyone. She seems to get a little shy when we approach strangers. I think I like that quality!

Mom and Dad were some cookie making machines today. I got to see in my high chair and eats puffs while they finished up the cookies. We then loaded up and set out on a stroll. All the neighbors liked to grab my feet and comment on the 1 curl that is standing up on top of my head. Come on mom, can't we brush this thing down?? Mom and Dad then let me open a present early! The best part was the wrapping paper!!! I hope I get lots of paper for Christmas.

Brad and Em after the Christmas Eve Service. Santa came and sent me a picture of his work while I was at work.

Emma: We went to church tonight! I know it's not Sunday Morning so I'm assuming something big is happening! I went to the nursery and Ms. Kizzie let me look down from the nursery while everyone was holding a candle. It looked like a giant birthday cake! Then dad told me it WAS someones birthday tomorrow!!!

                                                             Brad and Em at church.
                                                       Emma's burning question of the day
                                                                    Santa has made it!

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!  I got off around 7AM and Em was still asleep when I got home! She work up shortly after and we brought her in to see what gifts Santa left for her. I was expecting a big reaction.... didn't get it... but she had a heck of a time playing all morning. We then loaded up and headed to Winnfield. On our arrival it appeared my mom and dad were not feeling well at all. Em was pooped from her morning of playing so we decided to open gifts tomorrow hoping everyone feel better!

                                                    Jack opening a present that was not for him!
                                                          Look mom, a shiny bracelet!!!

12/26/2012:   Emma: Pops and Granna seem to be feeling a little better today! I heard everyone opened presents today but I was too tired to open mine. I opted out for the nap option instead. I hope Syd doesn't open all of mine!! Before and after my nap I played all day.. you see that is why I was so tired during present time. I figure those presents can wait, but playing with G and P can not wait!

Tonight mom and dad went out to eat.....without me. That is A ok with me though, I got to stay home with Aunt Lauren, G and P! We played and I got to stay up waaaay past my bedtime!!!! 
There are cats in Winnfield too!!!!!!!!

                                                            Aunt Lauren thinks I'm tired!
                                                            Late night with Granna!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Emma: Dad got home a little early but Millie asked Dad if we could finish our walk before Millie went home. Dad said "yes" so we continued out walk. (We LOVE Millie!) Once Millie left I had a huge surprise!  Pops came to visit!!!!! He fed me so many puffs that I pooped EVERYWHERE while eating supper. Poor Mom! Pops will be taking care of me tomorrow so I better get to bed so I can be up for a full day of play.
Pops is watching Em today while Brad and I are at work. By the looks of things they played hard all day! Em was so tired she couldn't even eat supper! Brad put Em's Little Tykes swing up so she played a little in it today.
There is a little I want to say today about the horrible tragedy in CT. Senseless and horrific come to mind. My question right now is, "How have we become so isolated from each other"? I think it's time to bring Mayberry back; More getting to know our neighbors, watch out for each other and have more problem solvers than problem makers.

Today it was just me and Pip! We were apparently in the Christmas spirit today because we did a little shopping and finally decorated the tree. Emma helped by pulling the halo off of an angel she was playing with. We then wrapped a few presents. I am the worlds worst present wrapper. I wish I could blame Em on this years horrible wrapping... but I can't. It's all me.
Last doctor visit he told us to start using the sippie cup. I brought it back out today and Emma thought it was the best toy ever.... she just wouldn't drink from it. I think after a few days of having the cup around she will get the hang of it!
                                                        Loving our new toy.. the sippie cup.
                                                          Helping mom decorate the tree.
                              Em's first airplane ride. Contrary to her facial expression she really did enjoy it!

Sunday Funday! Church followed by a loong nap on a rainy Sunday afternoon. We both had cabin fever later this afternoon so we went on a short ride to look at a few Christmas lights. I"m not sure if Em enjoyed it or not, I think she was just glad to get out of the house!

Another long work day in the Norris house but when I got home Brad... I mean Emma... left a note for me on the bathtub wall!  Our only picture today is Em downing her last bottle right before bed. Yesterday Em was on the verge of crawling but today she refuses to even get on her stomach! Strong willed baby!

Our entire family spelled out in foam letters: Emma's initials (EEN), our two cats jack and Louis and then mom and dad on the bottom row. 

12/18/2012: A lot of pictures for today! Today was also a day of first. Emma finally mastered putting puffs into her mouth on her own. She would always hoard them in her little hands and now she is actually feeding herself! Go Pip!! After supper we took a short trip to Canton to look at their Christmas light display. A good time was had by all, Em even had her first carousel ride with dad. My stomach can't handle much and as sad as it sounds, even the carousel makes me cringe. Not Pip, she loved it!

                                        This picture will be labeled, "awkward family picture"
                                                     I can feed myself, bring on the food!
                                                            The ride is about to start!
relaxing on dad's shoulder.
Em has taken the feeding herself skill and is now running with it. I was about to feed her a usual supper: some sort of Gerber baby food and some puffs. After feeding herself a few puffs she refused to let me feed her! Thankfully we bought some gerber graduate pick up foods this morning so Em feed herself puffs and carrots tonight! This little girl might be a tad independent!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

12/6 - 12/12

Today is a late day for everyone in the Norris house. I got home around 6 and Millie had Pip fed and bathed. Em missed her afternoon nap so she was ready for bed! I gave her the bottle, read a few books, brushed her teeth(yes Lauren, I really did!!) and to the crib she went!

Em woke up early this morning so we played in our bed for a little while. Love early mornings with my Pip in our puppy dog PJ's.

                                                        We love our Puppy dog pants!

                                                        A little light reading before bed.

Pip is 9 months old! Today started with Em reading her new Highlights magazine. I used to love Highlights and it seems Emma is a fan as well. Thanks Granna and Pops for Emma's first magazine subscription!
Tonight I took Emma to her first basketball game. We went to watch some girls from the youth group at Madison Central. I didn't think we would stay long due to Emma boycotting her afternoon nap and not wanting her afternoon bottle. Yet, she proved me wrong! She LOVED the game and we stayed the entire time.

                              After the game Emma was reading up on the players and remaining schedule.
                                                 She is serious about her Highlights magazine!

Today we hit the road and went to Memphis to visit the Hindman's! We arrived around lunch and played most of the afternoon. Em was a little hesitant at first but warmed up fairly soon to her three cousins. Josie Kate loves Emma! She calls her, " my baby Emma". She even wanted Em to sleep in her room. Maybe next time Josie Kate! We ate at Mcallisters that night which appears very kid friendly so we will be frequenting it more once Pip is eating table food!
I think we figured out why Em sleeps good on the road at some houses and not so good at other houses. She wants to sleep in her pack and play. We attempted to put her in the Hindman's pack and play and she would have nothing to do with it. We bring hers out and she is asleep in no time!
Ahh, before I forget. Nicole took me to this work out/yoga clothing store: LuLu Lemon. These clothes are phenomenal!  I tried on their pants and wanted to go for a run right then! If you have a chance to just try on their clothes you will be hooked!! I'm a LuLu Lemon fan for sure!

                                                         Pip enjoying a puff at Mcallisters.

More play today followed by Lunch at Panera bread then hitting the road home. Before we left Memphis we stopped by some friends house that moved from Jackson not too long ago. They just adopted twin boys who are about 5 weeks old now. They are too sweet! Hard to believe Em was that small not too long ago!

                                                   Henry trying to escape the photo!
                                                         Josie Kate loves baby Emma!
                                                              Good morning sunshine!
                                                           Just hanging out with Aunt Nicole.


Emma:  Dad had to work late tonight so it was just me and mom. Mom fed me supper then bath time. Interestingly I was bathed in the whale tub in the kitchen. Mom and Dad have been trying to get my adjusted to the big bath tub, but I fear tonight was a step back! Mom told me not to tell dad that she bathed me in the sink.. but everyone knows babies aren't good at keeping secrets. Alas, I was reunited with my whale tub and loved every second of it!
After bath time mom started crawling around on the floor. She was trying to get me to mimic her, I just sat there and looked at her. Crazy Mom!! Doesn't she know that she can walk?!?!

Today was Pip's 9 month check up. She is 21.2 lbs, 28 inches. She is now in the 85th percentile for weight and 80th for height. We also finally took her 9 month sticker picture.
Today I received Emma's Santa pictures. This Santa looked the part but didn't get the memo that he needed to look at the camera... not at Emma. I can't argue about it though, she is charming and beautiful.. who wouldn't want to look at her?? :)

                                                         Reading at the doctors office.
Emma: Mom got back in gear regarding my bath in the big tub and I loved it!! She even let me take one of my favorite book into the bath tub!!!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Today we bought out Christmas tree! Em is still drinking minimal milk yet I called the doctor and they said as long as she is playing and having wet diapers to just continue to watch her. So watching is what we will do!    

 Emma playing with her favorite toy.... the TV remote
                                                          Brad and Pip posing by the tree.

The milk strike continues! I called the doctor again today and they reassured me! We may or may not have been in the doctors parking lot when I called...... If they wanted me to bring Emma in we were ready!  Call me crazy mom!  They reiterated as long as she has wet diapers, continues playing and afebrile we just need to continue to watch her. So the playing and watching will continue!
For the record we have tried changing formulas, changing bottles, changing to sippee cups, syringe feeding, pedilyte and water... Emma is no go on the fluids!
Is it really December??  I guess so because we took pictures with Santa today. Initially Pip was not scared but as soon as Santa started to talk she looked up at Santa and her little lip started to quiver. After that the tears started to flow! Poor Emma! Tonight we went met a prospective new youth group leader for our church then went home. Long day indeed, yet fun!
Emma: Mom is at it again! She loaded me up in the car in this pretty dress, these awful tights and even shoes to go see the scariest man on the planet. I was very content playing today but Mom had other plans. Hopefully this guy won't come back!
                                                                  Good morning!
                                          Pre Santa picture. I think Emma knew what was coming up!
Emma: Today we had to place a consult to Aunt Lauren regarding my curls. They were standing straight up! This humidity does a number on my hair. Alas, I was loaded up for church with my curls totally out of control. Do they make hair product for babies??

Emma is growing up! I look at this picture and can't imagine that she is standing (with a little help)!
We have a new baby at our house! Warner started come today. His mom works at the hospital with me. After a conference with Emma we decided we would share her Millie with another baby. Today every time Warner started to cry Emma would cry. I like to think she was trying to tell him that everything is going to be ok!

Emma: today a new friend came over! He is a tad smaller than me and doesn't quite have head control yet. Boy I remember those days! My friend Warner is a very laid back baby and just wants to sleep and eat. He did cry a few times and I cried with him so he would know its A-ok to cry. Millie will take care of you until your mom and dad get back. And Millie did just that! She took care of us both.

Thank goodness  Emma has stopped crying every time Warner cries. Pip had a good day and was tired when I got home. Her naps are getting fairly short (45 min morning and 45 min afternoon). So by 5 or 6PM she is a pretty tired cub. Emma is trying with all her might to crawl! She gets where she wants to go but I hesitate to call it crawling. It's more of a roll...... oooch(see last weeks blog for formal defintion of oooch).... roll maneuver.  Emma's hair is is more curly each day. I should probably start doing research now on how to fix curly hair. All I know is do not brush it!

Another good day in the books! Em played and played more. Still not crawling but mobile non the less!
Right now her favorite food:  sweet potatoes or any fruit. Em is on a 3 meal (bottle and baby food) a day schedule with one  bottle after her afternoon nap. We are trying to convert from bathing her in the whale tub in the kitchen to the big bath tub. Em is not adjusting to this change. She does not like the big bath tub. We even tried to bath her in the whale tub in the big bath tub.. no go! Em wants to continue kitchen baths!