Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving!!
Brad is working today until 4PM and then we are all heading to Winnfield for a couple days. Em is rolling around everywhere and starting to rock back and forth like she wants to crawl but isn't quite ready! We also now have 4 teeth in and a 5th one about to make an appearance! Her favorite activity right now is pulling off her socks... she prefers to pull her right sock off over her left one.

11/23/2012: We are in Winnfield! We had our Thanksgving meal last night when we arrived. It was WONDERFUL as always. Em and Syd enjoyed sitting in their high chairs eating puffs and talking to everyone during the meal! 
Today Emma  got to swing with Pops in her new swing set and then play all day with Granna and Pops!!

Emma: Cousin Syd is really moving!! I try to hide a toy from her and she moves until she finds it!!  That syd is sneaky!!!

11/24/2012:  More play today and hanging out with the family. We took some Christmas photos today once Lauren and Dad got back with the Christmas tree. I think that sucker is 11 feet tall!
Emma: Today I got to play with Christmas lights. Apparently it is frowned upon to put these lights in your mouth. Oh well, they were pretty to look at and play with. I hope we get to put a tree up in our house!!  How fun will that be to pull off all the lights and ornaments!

11/25/2012:  We had plans to attend church today yet last night was not very peaceful at the Thurmon household. Em woke up around 1:30AM so I went to see what was going on. I picked her up and noticed this white thing sticking out between the snaps in her PJ's. I tugged on it and it was Pip's brush!!  Somehow her brush ended up into her pajamas. I'm guessing this is what woke her up... Atleast a brush in my PJ's would wake me up! After all was said and done, me, Brad and Pops were up while Emma was laughing and playing at 3AM. We finally took a short ride in the car and Emma was back asleep until the morning.
On a side note, we did not plan to dress the girls the same each day.. but it just happened! Seems they have the same personal shopper!

11/26/2012:  Back to work today! Em was so happy to see her crib last night and was even more excited to see Mrs. Millie this morning!! She loves her Millie.  On a different note, no rouge hair brushes were found in Pip's PJ's last night. 
Today it is very rainy and humid. These humidity has done a number on Emma's curls!! We need to consult Aunt Lauren for advice on curly hair containment!

11/27/2012: Today was a day of a lot of first! First shoe shopping trip for Pip, first Christmas tree shopping adventure for Pip and first time that she said Da Da! She is also now enjoying her bottle as much and prefers baby food and puffs over milk. Where did my little infant go???
Emma loved the sock bin while we were shopping for shoes, loved to pull out the pine needle while we were looking at Christmas trees and loved to see her daddy smile when she would say da da.

Emma: Whew, what a busy day!! Mom and dad brought me to this huge store when they got off work. I loved to play in the bin full of socks because they were already off my feet...they were free socks that I could play with!!! Don't let mom fool you on the Christmas tree hunt... we were at Lowe's......She said we would go to a bigger tree farm next year when I could walk. It seems everything is "always next year". Well, off to bed to figure out my next word is going to be.. probably "jack the cat" will come out next!
                                              Standing by a possible Norris family Christmas tree.. at Lowe's.
                                                            Oh Dad, you are too much!!
                                                            Emma says "Boo"!
 Shoe shopping

11/28/2012: Today Emma decided she does not like her formula. She made an abrupt switch from breast milk to formula about 4 months ago when one day she decided to stop partaking of breast milk. This change in milk palate caused me to make a quick purchase of formula. I picked the kroger brand (gasp!!) formula as I had no clue which one to pick. Well, she loved it..... until today. Today she refused to drink it. Only drinking 5 ounces by 5PM. Thus I went back to Kroger and got another genre of Kroger brand formula. I don't know anything about those other brands and I was overwhelmed. So I stuck with what I was familiar with... Kroger brand formula. Well, Emma loves the new stuff! I'm not sure what is going on yet things are back to normal for now! Kroger brand formula with the yellow banner is now in our pantry instead of the Kroger formula with the blue banner. 

Apparently with the new switch in formula came a new sleeping position.. the foot in hand sleeping position. Sweet dreams Pip!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Emma: Mom had to work tonight so me and dad hung out all night! When the cats away the mice will play!
If you look close in the back there is jack peering in the back of the picture!

Emma: Mom returned home around 10AM but then she retreated to the back for a few hours??  I think mom sleeps too much!  Dad is working late tonight so it's mom and me date night. We made out usual trip to Sonic then played with my blocks. I was so tired so i drank a good ole bottle then hit the crib hard!
I hear that we will be doing some traveling next week, but not before a baby shower will be held at my house on Sunday! Hope there are more babies for me to play with!

Mom always takes these pictures but today I was too busy to look up and smile.  Blocks are serious business!
My vacation starts today! A whole week off! Brad works this weekend and then is of most of the week. He only has to work on Thanksgiving. Tomorrow we leave for Arkansas then back to MS for Brad to work Thanksgiving day, then to Louisiana Thursday night when Brad gets off! Whew!!!!
Today though, was a day of play!!

                                                Even Jack enjoys the desk after Emma goes to sleep!
This afternoon I helped  host a baby shower at our house! My mom prepared the food so it was wonderful!!!! Em had a great time playing with everybody! I have zero pictures of Pip at the shower!!!  How did I not get any?? Tonight we are driving to Arkansas so Emma can sleep on the ride and hopefully (fingers crossed) transition to the pack and play without incident!!
Emma: out of all the picture opportunities we had today my mom post the picture of me half asleep after I was rudely awakened and plopped into my carrier... how rude!

We are in Arkansas!! I wish I could say last nights transition to the pack and play was smooth... alas we did finally get some sleep! Plus, we woke up in Arkansas and are spending the day with Brad's parents.. LuLu and G daddy!

Emma: I was so excited to see Lulu and G daddy today that I couldn't sleep last night!  I am ready for a day of play.. and hopefully no naps... but I bet mom will be a party pooper and make me nap.
I also took a bath in a swimming pool tonight!! Well, I guess that is what it is?? I was in this huge tub in the bathroom... Wait a second, maybe that was the big bathtub dad had been talking about. Ok, nevermind, I took my first bath in a bathtub.

Another day of play! We also got to see Brads grandmother, Mimi, today. She told Emma that she was Hollywood beautiful! We all came back to Lulu's house and had supper with the family. Em got to sit in her highchair and eat puffs while we ate a delicious meal!
I forgot to pack Emma's stroller so we bought a little umbrella stroller and took Pip for a stroll.

Emma: I finally met Mimi today! She is one spunky lady!!  I played in her lap for a loong time and hope I don't have to wait 8 more months before I come back to Arkansas!!!

Brad found this little bird that Lulu had in her garden. Emma thought it was hysterical!!! Who knew!
Today is out last day in Arkansas. We left during Em's AM nap and drove to Memphis to stop for lunch at the Hindman household. The kiddos played a little, went for a little swing then we were back on the road  that leads to home. I can't wait until we come back to Memphis in Dec. so we can play longer with Emma's cousins!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


11/8/2012: Emma here blogging today. Today was a good day by anyone's standards! I played hard all morning, had 2 naps and then when I woke up mom and dad were home!  I played with my blocks and me and dad had a blast playing this afternoon!  I love my daddy!!
PS:  I have another tooth coming in!  I believe it is friends with my first tooth that came in because my new tooth is right next to my old tooth.

Friday! We are going to Baton Rouge tonight when Brad gets off work so we can go to the Saints game Sunday!!  Granna and Pops are coming down as well for the weekend to watch Syd and Em while we are all at the game. We are going to see how Emma adapts to sleeping in the car then transitioning to the pack and play. Fingers crossed for a good night sleep!

                                                            Trying to be on the move!
                 I thought Pip would like to be wrapped up in a blanket on such a cold morning... I was wrong!

We are in Baton Rouge! Emma had a slight problem adjusting from car seat to pack and play, but nothing a little extra milk couldn't fix! We went to Izzo's for lunch. Em and Syd were enthralled by the lady sweeping the floor. They wouldn't pose for a picture at all, they just wanted to watch this lady clean. Hope this means many years of no fuss chores!

Saints Game! Me, Brad, Lauren and JW went to the saints game while Granna and Pops stayed with the little ones. I'm not sure who was more tired after the day was complete! We got Em ready for bed then hit the road. She was soo happy to see her crib when we got home!

                                                             Em and Pops hanging out.

The annual UMC medicine golf tournament was today. Em made her appearance. She loved riding in the golf cart and playing with everybody. She will sleep like a rock tonight!

On another note, I forgot to post 8 month photos!!!

Today was Pip's second flu shot appointment. It was at 6:45... PM! When I called to make the appt. I thought it was AM!! Em was ready for bed around 6 so we drove around until her appointment. She took the shot like a champ and as Brad would say, "she was very brave"!

Emma:Whew, golfing is tiring! I'm still tired from my debut yesterday. Millie came over today and played with me! Tonight after food, bath, bottle I assumed bed was next because it is always next in the rotation. Yet, mom and dad loaded me up and we went to this huge building where all these kids were in line. They were smiling as they went in the building and crying as they left. I should have taken that as a clue to throw a fit, but I didn't. I sat in dads lap and waited. A nice lady came in the room and she was wearing bright pink scrubs. And then guess what she had the nerve to do??? She pinched my leg... then we left! We disrupted my night schedule to get pinched on the leg?!?!?? Being a baby is tough! I was so disgusted all I could do was suck my thumb and get in my crib.

                                                                Waiting at the Dr's office.
                                                                  Fun times with dad!

Emma:  Mille came again today! We played, napped a little and played more! When mom and dad got home they loaded me up. I was afraid I was going to get another pinch like last nights activity. We drove in a similar direction yet stopped at our church...whew! Ms. Ann held me while mom and dad ate then we listened while some nice folks played bells! Mom decided I was tired so we had to leave early. Truth be known, mom was tired... not me!
Emma again: I noticed my mom put this picture of me almost ready for bed. Let me state again.. we left church early because mom was tired yet I'm an easy target due to my lack of speaking ability. Well, the lack of mom and dad to understand my language...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Emma: Mom was still at home when I woke up and she even fed my breakfast! She then scurried off to work and Millie took over watching Jack the cat. I guess that is why Millie comes over each day?? At least that is what Jack told me??

11/2/2012:  Pretty normal Friday around these parts today. I got home a little after lunch. Emma and I played... played a little more then Brad was home! A walk then took place then feed, bath bottle bed for little Pip.

peek a boo with pip!

11/3/2012: This picture sums up the whole day! Girls day!  Brad worked so Pip and I were together all day.  A run, followed by playing and more playing... and more playing. A long nap this afternoon then... more play! Em and I had a looong discussion about the up coming change of time due to day light savings time. 

Emma:  Girls day indeed!! Before bed mom put me on her lap and we had a little chat about how the time was about to change and that I would gain an hour of sleep. I'm not quite sure what this means, I'm going to file this away with Halloween  and ponder this at a later date. 

11/4/2012:  Emma:  Sunday Funday! I'm not sure what all the fuss was about this extra hour of sleep. I was so confused by the whole thing that I napped a  lot today. I figure if you can't beat them... suck your thumb and nap! I went to church (aka nursery) today then mom and I played. I've become really good at standing up when I hold mom's hands. Pops taught me this trick and everyone seems to get a kick out of it... so I keep doing it! If someone will teach me the walking trick then I'll be on a roll!
On a football note, Louisiana Tech is ranked 19th!!  I think I heard dad say that the saints play tomorrow night so I'll keep my saints attire clean until tomorrow arrives.

 Hard to believe Emma's head almost hits the top of this thing!! She's growing like a week... a pretty/sweet weed!
Go Tech Go!!!!

Emma: It was cold today! Millie came today then mom and dad got home at the same time today! We ate supper at the table tonight and I got to try dad's sweet potato and his Lima beans! I was hoping for his ice cream, guess I'll ask for that next meal. 

Lindsey: So tonight I cooked!  Don't get excited.. it was shake n' bake.. yet, it was home cooked! As I was taking the shake n bake out of the oven my pyrex dish exploded! Not sure what was going on with the exploding dish but I have to say it doesn't make me want to cook tomorrow! I think tonight was the first time we actually ate at the table while we fed Emma. I guess it was our first sit down meal as a family. Wow, and Emma is almost 8 months old! We will do better!!! It was fun feeding Emma "people" food as I called it. I guess her gerber food is people food too, but you know what I mean!

                                         We are becoming mobile!  rolling and ooching along
                                Ooching: noun; moving without crawling or walking while stomach lays on the floor.
                                                                     Happy Pip!
Family meal

11/6/2012: Election day! I thought I would save my "salute me, I voted' sticker yet it fell off somewhere between voting,work and coming home.  I was going to put it on Emma to document the day. I am still wondering why it said "salute me". Kind of odd if you ask me. Uneventful day for us, yet it will be a very eventful day for this country!
Pip showing her unending love for the remote. Apparently it taste pretty good too!

Pip woke up ready to go this morning! She has been sloooowly shortening her day time naps to about 45 min in the AM and 45 min after lunch. This makes for a tired little girl at night. We went to church tonight and while we were eating Emma got to hang out with Jenn! She was sucking her thumb trying to snuggle up with Jenn's sweater.  Tired little girl!