Sunday, October 28, 2012



Emma:  Mom and Dad worked late tonight so Millie stayed with me. We played all day and I have started a new game. I throw my toys out of the stroller while we walk around the neighborhood. Pretty fun if you ask me! I heard mom come in tonight and look at me, pat my head and sniff me. She says, "a baby smells sooo good". I guess adults don't smell too good???
It's Friday!  Today's photo is to highlight the Mohawk!  Millie loves a baby hair in a mohawk and today's was top notch!
On another note, Lauren is here to watch Emma over the weekend; JW and Syd will be arriving tomorrow. Aunt lauren brought some boots for Emma from her other Aunts; Aunt Kat and Aunt Staci!

Emma kept her eye on Lauren literally yesterday and part of today, but now they are best buds! Emma is starting to have stranger anxiety and it takes her a little bit to warm up to people. She would literally keep Lauren in her sight at all times!

Emma: Today Aunt Lauren is here!  At first I was confused because usually Millie takes care of me, but I'll let Aunt Laur take the reigns as well. She seems to have practice changing diapers and feeding babies.
Cousin Sydney showed up later this afternoon and it all made since why Aunt Laur had all this practice with babies!  She's cousin syd's mom!  I knew I liked her!! Syd and I played a little before bedtime, then off to the crib. I invited Syd to sleep in my crib, but apparently cribs are only made for 1 baby around this house.

Emma: Play day all day long!! Mom worked last night and dad is working today so I got to play with the Wileys again! I hear that LuLu is coming in this afternoon!! My new favorite toy is the yellow piglet ball. It seems this is Sydney's favorite toy too....

 Emma has now warmed up to LuLu so she is a happy camper! They played all morning while I caught a quick nap, then we played some more. She even read her favorite book, Hop on Pop, to Lulu. I figure her next book to read will be "The Grapes of Wrath"...:)

Emma:  Me and Lulu played all day long!  I started to get a runny nose this afternoon so the dreaded suction bulb came out of hiding. Note to self: kick suction bulb under my crib! On another note, I got to try another fruit with lunch.. mandarins... Mandarins???  come on mom, I see those cookies on the counter.

Emma: Lulu is still here and dad is off at some conference. I hope it's a work conference so he can work all day like I do in my desk! That sounds like a lot of fun! I smiled real big today thinking about how dad was "working" all day!  Have fun Dad!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

mock debate about groceries

Alert: This is a little…… ok a lot……Cheesey!

I have found the past presidential debates quite comical. When someone ask me a question it is common for me to give an answer. A direct answer that answers the question they are asking. Yet in a debate, a question appears to just be a suggestion as what to talk about. If I were to answer questions like these candidates….. I would not have passed the first grade. Actually, I would still be in pre-K learning to take turns…

Thus, I will compare the presidential debate to an interview about grocery shopping. Jack is interviewing me. I give my response as if I were in a debate and then Emma will answer the question how all of us nonpresidential candidates are required to answer questions..

To set the stage, I am driving to the grocery store and Jack is in the passenger seat asking me questions.

Jack: So Lindsey, what grocery store are you going to?
Lindsey: Let me be very clear. I like to shop for groceries; these very groceries feed my family. Furthermore, I think that everyone should have the right to pick their grocery store without interference from anyone else. So now we will go buy groceries and I will show you my plan for navigating the grocery store.
Emma: She shops at Kroger

We arrive at grocery store.
Jack: How do you like to navigate the grocery store?
Lindsey: I like a tactile approach, similar to my approach when I am shopping for clothes. I have already stated my stance on clothes shopping. I really don’t like to shop for clothes, further more I would rather cut the budget in clothes shopping. We will cut the clothes shopping budget next year!
Emma: With a list

I get a free sample of cheese at the deli.
Jack: I noticed you just ate swiss cheese, is that your favorite cheese?
Lindsey: Let me be extremely clear, to pick things out for my family I need good leadership. I have this leadership in the people that surround me, yet I do not see this leadership in the sharp cheese section. That is why I ate the free sample of swiss cheese.
Emma: Yes

Waiting in check out line:;
Jack: so Lindsey, will you be paying with cash or debit card?
Lindsey: I want you to listen carefully, because I am going to be extremely clear in my words. When I ate that swiss cheese I was thinking about other places in the country as well. I was wondering how the wine makers were doing in CA, I was thinking about the shrimpers in Louisiana and I was thinking about the pizza makers in Chicago. These are the people that we need to pay.
Emma:  geeeez

In the car going home.
Jack: where are we going now?
Lindsey: Back to wine makers in CA. I don't think everyone should drink wine, yet if you do, I agree with everyone drinking wine. I think wine is good for your health just like my tactile approach to navigating the grocery store will be good for my family. 
Emma: I sure hope home!

Unloading groceries:
Jack: Closing statements please
Lindsey: Wine and cheese for everyone, God bless America and good night
Emma: nap.... please!!

Friday, October 19, 2012


Emma's naps are getting shorter by the day! Today she totally dropped her afternoon nap.
This morning Emma played with all her balls for hours. We ate lunch and then back to playing. Brad came home early and we continued playing. Emma was to tired tonight to even finish her bottle! She was a tired little cub!
                                     Eating our Gerber puffs. She tolerated them but wasn't asking for more.
                                                               Play time with Jack the cat.

                                                Tired little girl who can't finish her bottle

Last day off to play with Emma and play we did! We also sported out Halloween onesie. We went to Kroger(again...), the post office and then Michaels; followed by nap time then a walk.

Emma:  we went to Kroger again today. Mom bought more of this Halloween candy, yet I bet it will all be gone before this Halloween they keep talking about actually arrives!!


Today, Emma wanted to be a big girl and quit her naps.  She refused her morning nap, and was fighting off her afternoon nap, but then dad broke out the secret weapon...the swing.  Emma hasn't been in the swing in a few months, but I think she loves it more now than she ever did.

Shortly after the swing, Mr. Sandman visited little Emma!

Today, Emma wore her dress with little smocked pumpkins on it.  She always hams it up for all the people at church!  When we got home from church, Emma discovered that she does indeed love the little cereal puffs.  Emma watched Daddy pop one in his mouth and chomp down on it, so she started gumming those little puffs as hard as she could!

This morning I heard mom sneak into my room and grab me up from my crib!  I was so happy to see her since I haven't seen her in a few days!  My dad told me she was working to "bring home the milk".  I like milk so I say, "work momma work"!  Usually I don't like waking up too early but this morning was an exception.  When I was looking out the window by my desk I noticed it was still dark outside.... how early did mom wake me up???
Millie came today and we had a grand time. Dad came home and we went on a walk. Millie had to change me a couple times due to poop spillage..oops!  Sometimes those diapers just don't do the job. Millie put me in my tie dyed onesie that the youth from the church made me.

Brad and I both worked tonight so Millie held down the fort again. She sent me this picture in a text during the day!  Just love this little girls smile!

Emma:  Millie stayed all day and played with me. I am usually in the crib by 7pm but I was up playing in my desk when mom arrived home around 8pm!!!!

I had a busy afternoon. Dad arrived home and promptly loaded me up to head to church. I didn't have time to at home so Ms. Ann fed me at church!!! I even got to eat more of my puffs. It's harder than it looks to actually get the puff in my mouth, but it sure is fun to fling my hand around until they fly off!
I didn't parade around the house in my towel like usual after my bath because mom wasn't home to cheer us on, but dad got a picture anyway.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Emma had another day of play. She didn't take much of an afternoon nap today. It seems she is starting to decrease her nap time! After abbreviated nap time we went on a walk. Emma was prepared with her athletic socks. Gotta wear the short socks! The day ended with a little more time at her desk with jack.

My mom likes the craziest things. She likes me in pants and she likes me in short socks. Geeez, I can't wait to see what she will like next. Hope it is not those white tights she bought the other day!!
 They are still trying to get me to nap in the morning and afternoon, yet I don't think I need both naps. I am almost 7 months old for goodness sakes! I do go into my crib peacefully yet I just play with my blankets and stuffed animals until they come get me again.

                                    this is what nap time has become, cooing and playing with her mobile.
Friday! Emma was up early this morning so she got to spend some time in the pillow fort while we got ready for work. I think she woke up early because she was excited to see Granna and Pops!  They are coming this weekend to watch over the fort while Brad and I work.

Emma:  I got to play with Granna and pops all day long!  We went on multiple walks, played on the floor and in the exersaucer. They even let me eat fruit for supper!!!  Oops, I wasn't supposed to spill the beans about that one!
Pops was saying it was cold outside. I wasn't sure what that meant until I went outside and I was all bundled up!  It WAS cold!
On another note, my tooth is really coming in now and I think its friend is starting to come up too. Hope most of the friends stay put for a while, this teething thing is no joke!

Today was full of activity yet all I have to show from it is this prebath picture.  Granna and pops left to go home around 2:30 yet prior to their departure we went to target and got Emma some mittens and shoes! Time to stock up on winter gear. After target she had her nap and then we went to the fair!!!!  We went to watch Marlee in the talent show and she was fabulous.  I did make a rookie mom mistake. I took Emma to the fair withOUT a stroller!!  Please hold your gasp! In my mind we would park right by the building where the talent show was being held, sit down, watch Marlee sing then be home in plenty of time for supper. HA ha ha ha ha. Not how the day actually occurred, yet a good time was had by all.

Emma:  I sure hope mom is icing her shoulder right now!  I weigh 20 lbs and she was hauling me around for 2 hours!!  I tried to be still, but with all the music I couldn't help but jump around and squeal! When we got back to the car mom just sat in the backseat for a few minutes before we headed to... guess where??  Sonic!!  I'm also 7 months old today!!   I know mom didn't forget because she told me this morning, yet she did forget to do stick the 7 month old sticker on me and take a picture! he he he  I shouldn't laugh now, there is always tomorrow!

Emma's little tooth is bothering her today:(  She seems to be handling it pretty good, but I can tell it's hurting her.  She is now only drinking formula bottles. She is rejecting the milk I have stockpiled since she was born!!  Come on Em, that was a lot of work.
We went for a walk this morning and she was all bundled up, followed by a nap, more play, lunch and another nap.  Oh, and we took her 7 month pic today! 7 months, really Emma???  Are you 7 months old already!!

                                She has not played with this toy for months but now it's her favorite!

Millie came today while Brad worked and I interviewed in Memphis.  I got home this afternoon and Em and I spent some quality time on the front porch!  I put Em in her bouncy seat which she hasn't bounced in for quite a while. She was soo happy to see her bouncy chair!!!

Emma:  Mom finally brought my bouncy chair out of hiding!!! I was wondering where my chair was hiding yet I don't quite have the words to articulate my wants properly! Every time I start to cry about the chair I get my diaper checked for poop! Sigh, mom and dad are still learning.

Emma:  Mom is home again today!! I did a little light reading this morning, then played with Jack the Cat then rediscovered my swing!!!  I used to love my swing and now it's back!
Mom and dad have been talking about Halloween Candy a lot. I see the candy but I thought we were supposed to GIVE the candy away to other kids..... seems mom and dad are just eating it. I hope they save some for Halloween!  How embarrassing if I have to tell the neighborhood kids that mom and dad ate all the candy and have none to give out!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Shot day:(  Emma had to get 4 shots today.  Boosters plus her flu vaccine. Poor little girl. It appears she was more afraid to lay on the paper that was covering the table than to actually get her shots. Emma and Brad returned home after shots and both took an afternoon snooze!
Emma was hamming it up in the waiting room before her shots!!

Emma took all 4 shots like a champ!  3 usual vaccines plus her flu vaccine:(
All day today Millie said Emma was holding up 4 fingers. Emma was trying to tell Millie what a horrible afternoon she had yesterday with 4 shots. Emma loved her bath tonight.  I tried to get a picture of her holding up 4 fingers, yet she wouldn't corporate for that picture.

Emma: Millie came back this morning thank goodness!  I need to remember that if Millie leaves early in the afternoon that a doctor visit is sure to follow. I don't mind the shots that much, but sure wish I could get one of those suckers at the end of the visit. Doubt mom will go for that though.
On another note, the doctor asked about this tooth in my mouth. He said a lot more will be coming in. Hope they all stay in my mouth and don't show up elsewhere.  That could get interesting.

Dad was home this morning when I woke up and we went on a walk before the rain hit. Mom was home by noon then we went to Kroger. They finally picked up some other flavors of food for me. If I had to eat sweet potatoes one more time I was going to protest. I was also in for a big surprise! We then played all day long!  Millie came over at night while mom and dad went out! I was so happy to see Millie. She let me stay up later than usual then let me play in my crib before I went to bed!!  Yea for Millie.

Today we are celebrating a Tech win yesterday and a Saints win today (hopefully)!
Today I learned about a game called football.  I'm not sure what it is but my mom and dad were sure excited when this thing called Louisiana Tech won this game called football. I'm not sure what Tech is, but it appears I am a fan of them. I even wore a dress to church today that said Louisiana Tech.

It's Brad's Birthday!!  Happy Birthday Brad! He opened his gifts early because he works late tonight and I am on the night shift this week... soo we will pretty much be passing each other on the interstate today as he comes home and I go to work. Emma and I had a big day. We went to Kroger then to Kohls, then of course had a stop at our favorite watering hole- Sonic. It is pretty chilly today so Emma got to sport some of her new clothes!
                                                       Emma with her birthday card for dad.

Another day of play and another day for Emma to wear pants.. I love a baby in pants!  I got home this morning, slept a few hours then we played all afternoon. Brad got home this afternoon and we decided to bring out the johnny jump up. Emma didn't do much jumping but she laughed hysterically as she watched her daddy jump around the house!!  She loved it! Wish i could post the video, yet apparently it is too long:(.


Millie was here in the morning when I got up and we played most of the day. She always takes me on a walk in the morning, that walk seems to get the day going on the right foot. Mom woke up a little after lunch and took over. We went to Kroger...again... and then to our second home...Sonic.
I was in for a big surprise this evening. I had my bottle after my nap then I was placed in the tub for a bath. I like baths so I didn't complain but I did reliaze we were not following my routine.
I was then put in my PJ's and loaded up in the car!!  We were heading to church.. with me in my pajamas!  I love it, because I knew as soon as I got home I would get another bottle then be put in the crib with a full belly.  A great day in the life of a baby!

                                                            Ready for a walk with mom
                                                              In my PJ's heading to church