Friday, September 28, 2012


Emma was in a great mood today!!  She is learning how to clap.... and she loooves to sit and watch someone clap in front of her! We had round 2 with the sippie cup. The cup seems to be her new favorite toy.  , yet she doesn't quite understand how to get water to come out of the cup!

TGIF - for Emma, everyday is a weekend though.  The weather is great today; so Emma talked Daddy into going on a stroll in the evening.  Emma has been working hard on her first tooth, and insists on bringing her little teething ring on the walk.  She promises not to throw it on the ground...(more than once)

Granna and Pops are here!!!  Mom and dad are working all weekend so it's just me and G/P today!  We started the day taking pictures in my new clothes then we played.. and played.. and played some more. Mom left them a pretty strict schedule and they stuck to it pretty good... (thats what I'm supposed to say right G and P?? :)

G and P left to go home today.  I was sad but a drive in the car (with a pit stop at sonic) cheered me up!
If you look closely Emma is wearing an Arkansas t-shirt! She now has her saints onesie on. We are definitly not fair weather fans at this house.


I get the feeling that Emma would rather be outside than inside.  This being said, I decided to put her exersaucer "desk" outside on the front porch to occupy her time while I get some studying done.  Well, little Emma had other ideas.  I couldn't keep my eyes on my books with her hamming it up like this!

Emma's first tooth is really starting to emerge! It doesn't seem to bother her that much, and for that we are thankful!  Emma is starting to eat more real food and drink less of her bottles. Amazing how fast this little girl is changing! We went on a walk this afternoon and played a little before it was time for bed.

So I have this new thing growing into my mouth. It's hard, hurts at times and everyone wants to look at it??? Ms. Millie referred to it as a tooth. A tooth??? hummm, if mom would let me play on the ipad more I would google tooth. Until then I'll just let it keep growing. I hope to see my cousins soon so I can ask them about this tooth, they seem to know more than mom.

I decided to let her sit up in the "big bed."  It's amazing how many phrases come back into your vocabulary once you have your first child.  This little girl makes me smile, laugh, and melts my heart on a daily basis.  I hope she knows how much her daddy loves her!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm thankful I hit my head on the bed, work up late, spilled coffee....

It's been a while since I've posted without Emma pictures!  But I have a thought (rare I know), and I decided to write it down so I don't forget it.  You see I'm a visual learner, so if I write this down I'll be more prone to remember it and not let it slide off my memory block.

Wednesday nights are always exciting to me. I have a group of senior high girls that gather together and we have a bible study. I don't call myself the "leader" because usually they teach me more than I teach them!

Anyway we started a new book about being pilgrims on this Earth. The start of every session we write down our baggage on paper and throw it in this jar to symbolize letting go of our baggage each week. While doing this I had a thought (another one)...... should we be thankful for baggage, problems, hardships and just day to day issues that arise.  I then thought, well what is causing most of my so problems or baggage?? And it seems most (not all) are from blessings.
Hummm, so all my problems are from blessings?? Definitely NO. I'll be the first to admit I have few real problems compared to what some face.
 But the day to day issues that seem to frustrate me I'm now trying to find the blessing that is "causing" the frustration and be thankful for that problem because at least I have the blessing that caused the problem.  Hang with me... Hopefully I can articulate this a little better.

After having this discussion on Wed. night, I had a prime example Thursday morning.

I woke up late, hit my head on the bed while putting on my shoes(don't ask, I'm not sure how I did this?!?!), spilled coffee on the carpet, spilled Emmas bottle and was late to work.

Ok, so frustrating morning.  On the ride to work I remembered our Wednesday night discussion.

I am thankful I have a bed that is comfortable that allows me to oversleep.  I'm thankful I have shoes to put on and a bed to actually hit my head on.  I'm thankful I have coffee to spill, a house to spill it in and more coffee to refill that mug.  I have a health baby, plenty of food for her and one spilled bottle will not matter.  I was late to work, but I have a job.
Woah, how about a little perspective Lindsey.

Ok, so all my frustrations that morning were indirectly brought on by a blessing.  So do I never get frustrated.. ha ha ha ha ha, not at all.  I probably get more frustrated because I'm more aware of it now.

Thankfully Frustrated,


Wednesday, September 19, 2012



Our wonderful Millie likes to comb Emma's hair up into a little baby mohawk.  Well, today it is all in a tuft and looking a lot like Pebbles Flintstone.  I hope that doesn't make me Fred?  ~Brad

Again, this picture sums up the day!  Brad worked late, I drove back from Arkansas and Millie held down the fort until we got home!
Happy Saturday!  Looking back Emma had a lot of new things today. She sat up in the shopping cart instead of lying back in her infant carrier, she graduated to #2 gerber foods and we had our first attempt with the sippie cup!
Regarding the sippie cup.... I think she might of actually gotten the hang of it IF i had taken out the plastic thingy that prevents water from coming out.  Alas, there is always next time!

Emma:  Today I got to sit up when we went shopping!!  I was on my best behavior and kept my squealing to a minimum, hope I can do that again soon and not be confined to the car seat!
Poor mom, she just couldn't get the sippie cup!  She handed it to me and I automatically put it in my mouth yet nothing would come out! I realized that she forgot to take out the plastic piece that prevents any liquid from coming out, but I just continued to play with the cup for a while until dad came to the rescue.
Mom also put me in this elephant costume and started taking about dressing up and getting candy on Halloween.  I'm not sure what candy is (or Halloween for that matter), but it sounds like something I need to try!
All said and done, it was great to have mom and dad home today!!!

Sunday oh Sunday
Today Daddy brought me to big church, and I was a perfect little angle.  I even softly cooed at appropriate times of the service, and took a nap during the sermon (sorry Bruce).  Little did everyone know that I had a runny nose and Daddy thought that I had been "fussy" all morning; whatever that is.
When we got home, I told Daddy that I wanted to play the piano like the lady in church.  I think I'll start with Chopsticks.

Emma here. Today was a good day by baby standards except Millie told on me!  She wrote in my daily log that I "refused" bananas! I would like to clarify, I didn't refuse them, I would just rather eat peaches in the morning. I prefer to think that I graciously turned the bananas down...
I still have a runny nose so today I did a lot of reading, hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.


Well, it looks like I (Brad) got caught playing a little pre-bath-time game of "What's that on Daddy's head?"  Emma was quite amused that I could wear her onesie like a hat.  

Giving the ole sippie cup a try.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I'm on call today so I knew I wouldn't get to see Emma or Brad much today. I didn't get to see them much yesterday either.  The Norris family is ready for a weekend when everybody is off work! Here is a picture that Millie sent to me earlier in the day. Em looks so grown up!

Lu Lu (Brad's mom) is here!! She came with loads of toys and books from Cousins Jacob, Josie Kate and Henry. Emma played so hard that she went to bed at 6:30!  On another note, Emma is 6 months old today!!!! Due to the early bed time we didn't have time to take the obligatory 6 month picture... there is always tomorrow.

Emma is 6 months and 1 day old! Brad worked last night and I worked today, but we were able to eat breakfast together at the hospital! I made some brownies this afternoon and as I went to eat one Emma watched me with her mouth wide open. As soon as she realized the brownie was not for her she started pouting!  Poor Emma, only 6 more months until your first dessert!
Emma enjoyed her day by playing all day!

Sunday Funday!  Emma stayed home with Lu Lu while I went to church. She played hard all morning then napped during the saints game...she didn't miss much.  Who Dat?!?!

We had a great weekend with Lu Lu!!  She watched Emma a lot while Brad and I worked in the yard, cooked and just took care of things that had been on the back burner. Thanks again Lu Lu, we love having you visit! Today's picture is another pic in the whale tub due to the fact that Millie was feeding Emma when I got home! (have I mentioned how fabulous Millie is??) After her bottle Emma hit the crib without a peep.  I think she is going through a growth spurt. Emma's personality is really starting to shine through. She laughs and smiles so much and still loves to read her books!!
Brad took this picture, I don't think any caption is needed!

Today's picture sums up the day.  We are tired! Emma had a long day of play followed by church then home to crash! I was rocking Emma and she kept looking over my shoulder into her crib.  I could just see her thoughts, "mom, put me in this crib now".

Thursday, September 6, 2012


We made a trip to wal mart to get a dora doll for a birthday party we are invited to this weekend. Emma was enthralled with the doll so we got her a small "my first baby doll". She seems to like to attack it more than love on it!
She is also rolling over and over and over until she gets to her location of choice.  Quite funny to watch!

Emma woke up early this morning so we got to play a little before Brad and I left for work. She seems to like the pillow forts on the bed!
I'm on call tomorrow so Brad will be guest blogging!!

Good Morning Sunshine!  This is how Emma wakes up from a nap!

I often times look at Lindsey and ask why we have such a good baby? (this is Brad btw, Lindsey is NOT referring to herself in the third person while looking in the mirror.)  Emma seems to be cat-napping it up this weekend.  I hope this doesn't mean there will be a cranky baby at bedtime.  We will see what happens on Sunday.

Well, I have decided to give this blog another shot.  Most Sundays it is quite a chore for Dad to get breakfast, shave, shower, and dressed for Church (Brad is referring to himself in the 3rd person, no mirror needed).  Today, I feel especially accomplished, as I got Emma dressed in a little yellow smocked dress and diaper cover.
After Church.........
Apparently, the Norris-Sunday-Afternoon-Nap gene was passed onto Emma.  While normally a pretty sound sleeper, I was able to get her out of the Jeep, and into the house without this little girl batting an eye!  Hopefully the after Thanksgiving Meal nap will be inherited as well!

Labor Day!  Brad and I both worked so Millie came over for a short time until I could get back home.  I got home early so Emma and I played most of the afternoon.  She is really showing off her basketball skills!

I will be on my way to Birmingham tomorrow so Brad will be blogging again.  Lets hear it for Brad!!!!!  yea!yea!yea!

Brad: I'm loving this guest blogging gig! 
Emma was sitting in her exer-saucer, playing it up like a big girl.  She loves this toy cell phone that is tethered to it.  I see her playing with the cell phone and use this as my cue to call my beautiful Birmingham bound wife. (1 too many B's?) 
After talking with Lindsey for a bit, I put her on speakerphone and Emma is enthralled!
She recognizes her momma's voice on the phone and loves it!

             After chatting it up with Momma for a few minutes I see this look on Emma's face

As a proud parent, I think that Emma's gears are turning inside her head, as she tries to figure out how the cell phone is working and how she is talking to her momma.  It turns out that this is not the face of deep thought; but something else that was brewing deep inside her!

Whew!  I got home from Birmingham around 7, Brad worked until 8 so Millie held the fort down with Emma all day! Today's blog is dedicated to Millie.  She is wonderful. When I got home Emma had already been bathed, fed and she was ready for bed. She had milked thawed in the fridge ready for tomorrow.  We Love Millie!
Today's picture is a tired little girl who smiled when she saw me, yet was ready to dive into the crib.