Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Mom was on call tonight so it's just me and dad hanging out all night!  We stuck to the regular routine, yet I did get to go on a field trip in my pajamas!  I ate my regular vegetable supper, had a bath, paraded around the house in my towel (even though mom wasn't there to ohhhh and ahhhh over me), got "lotioned up" but then the night took a wonderful spin!  My dad said he was hungry.  Before I knew it I was in my car seat and off to a local fast food place so dad could eat.  We went through the drive through.... come on dad, I wanted to go inside.  But this was definitely a more eventful evening than most!  To show my appreciation for the field trip I went to sleep without a fuss as soon as we got home!
This orange cat always pops up.  I am starting to like them though!

I got home around noon today.  Millie stayed so I could catch some Zzzz's.  Emma didn't nap much at all so there isn't a great picture today.  She was so tired when she was eating she would slump over in the bumbo chair and just stare at us!  Poor Emma!!  Emma went to bed pretty early, with me following her lead.

So mom came home today early, yet she gave me a little hug and then went back to her room... all afternoon!!!  I was later told she had been up for 30+ hours, so i feel bad for squealing and crying some during the day to try to get her to come out and play!  Sorry mom!  I'll do better next time!  I did wonder why you had such dark circles under your eyes.  I thought maybe this was the Halloween day you have been talking about???  By the look of her I figured no field trip tonight.

I am off today yet Brad is working again.  Emma slept until 9AM!!! Correction:  I woke her up at 9!  Who knows how long she would have slept... she slept 14.5 hours last night!  Thanks Emma!!! I needed that sleep!
Today was a usual day off.  We went for a run, to Sonic, to the bookstore to get the second book in the series that Emma loves and then home for supper, bath and bed.  Nothing interesting, but a good day indeed!
                                                                   Reading my new book!
                                                               All smiles after a nap!
                                                   Plenty of toys loaded up and ready for a run.
                                                         Working on a Saturday at my desk.                                                  
                                                         Jack always seems to pop up in pictures!

Sunday Funday!  We went to church this morning, came home for a nap yet Emma had other plans.  After an hour of her laughing and playing in the crib I decided to take her for a walk so she would nap before the big tail gate this afternoon at church.  The walk lead to an hour nap for Emma and home just in time to get ready for the tailgate.  Emma has some La Tech gear yet it was all a tad too big, so she sported her Saints onesie.  We got home and Emma crashed! 

                                         Reese, Emma and Mary Kinley enjoying the church tailgate!

Short and sweet today folks.  I got home late.  Brad had already started the evening routine.  Emma is now eating 1.5-2 little containers of gerber food!  Emma hit the sack around 7, I'm about to eat my nightly bowl of blue bell and hit the hay as well!  This is the only picture we have from today.. pitiful attempt, I know!

This afternoon after work was play time!  We read, played then took a bath and both hit the sack!  Poor Brad is working again tonight.  Hurricane Isaac is bearing down on the coast as we speak so Lauren and Sydney drove to Winnfield today.  Emma attempted to hold a sign that said, "Stay Dry Cousin Sydney", yet she was more interested with eating it than holding it.  After fishing paper out of her mouth I decided it was time for supper!
During bath time I noticed Emma kept trying to look over the side of the whale tub... I think we have a plumber in our future. She is fascinated with the knobs and the silver scrubby thing. Maybe she will like washing dishes when she gets older???

Today was a good day. I played with Ms. Millie all day then mom came home on time.  Dad is working tonight.  I was trying to read my books but mom scooped me up and tried to get me to hold this pitiful sign she made for Sydney.  Come on mom, if you are going to make a sign, at least use something other than a black marker!  I didn't hold the sign because it was just that... pitiful!

Emma... again:  Mom wasn't going to post the pictures of her lovely sign, so I'll do it! he he he he


Hurricane Isaac is sloooowly making its way towards us. We only have a light rain right now, but stronger wind and rain is expected. Tonight Emma learned about gravity! Dad poured water into the tub while she was bathing and she was mesmerized by it.

                                                   It's hard to see the stream of water she is looking at...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


A usual Thursday in the Norris home.  Brad got home first and Emminator and Brad were on the front porch when I got home.  We came inside and Emma played on her blanket.  During play time, the cats got into a little tiff.  Emma watched them jab back and forth, as soon as she rolled away from them they attacked each other!  ( see picture below....the blur that is behind Emma's head is a Cat fight!) 
Tomorrow we are driving to Baton Rouge for Cousin Sydney's christening!
                                                      Emma watching the cats ........
                                      She turns her head and they start to scuffle!  note the blur of cat furr!
                                                  Thumb in mouth, all is good with the world!

Today we are going to Baton Rouge for Sydney's christening weekend!!  We got home from work and were in a mad rush to get out of town at a decent time.  Here is a picture of Emma in her car seat holding onto her book!

We are in Baton Rouge!  This morning Lauren and I went to a smocked sale at a local church.  Emma came with us while Sydney stayed at home and kept Brad and Uncle JW in line.
Emma:  Well, I went shopping today.  I squealed at every outfit I liked and surprisingly mom bought most of the ones that I squealed at!!  Granna and Pops came this afternoon!!  I was hoping for a stroll in the double stroller, but the rain kept the stroller in the garage.  Then it was time for bed yet I wasn't quite ready.  I went down pretty quick, but kept one eye open!  When they thought I was asleep I started talking and laughing.  My mom came and got me and I got to stay up a little later entertaining everybody. I really do worry about all of them, what do they do when Sydney and I are sleeping???
This is Emma, I get to talk about Sydney's big day so mom doesn't mess it up!
Sydney wore a pretty white dress to church!  She didn't even have to wear a diaper cover or booties because her dress was so fancy.  I got out of wearing the diaper cover and booties too!!  Thanks Syd!  Cousin Syd smiled through the whole service.  After I watched her shine I took a nap on mom's shoulder.
We don't have any pictures from the actual ceremony.  I'll have to ask Aunt Staci or Aunt Kat for those!

A regular Monday.  Work followed by Emma reading her book for a good 20 minutes!  There are more books in this series, think we need to make a trip back to the book store!

Emma: I woke up back in my house this morning.  I was so excited to see Millie that I work up at 6:00!!  I had my bottle and I was ready to see Millie as soon as she arrived!  When mom got home I read my book.... to the cat before I went to bed.  You would think the cat would be reading to me since it appears he joined the family before I joined.  Oh well, guess I can't expect too much from my furry brother.

Emma ate a ton today!  She ate 3 bottles, each 9-10oz. each. Compared to her usual 7 oz bottles this is a big jump!  We got home and played on the floor, went for a short walk that ended in Brad carrying Emma and I pushed the empty stroller.  Hope the neighbors don't think we have little on filling the stroller!
We got home feed Emma, bath and she hit the crib like a sack of potatoes!
This afternoon Brad was drinking milk in a glass and Emma was starring it down! I think she thought Brad was dipping into her food supply!

Brad is working tonight and I got home early around 4!  Emma has not napped at all today so she is a little cranky.  The only way I can get her to cheer up is to put her in the stroller and push her everywhere I go!  This makes for a productive day.  I load the stroller up with clothes and head to the laundry room, I can pick clutter up and put it in the stroller and then distribute to its proper resting place.
 Emma tried squash for the first time tonight and was not a fan, so she finished supper with peas.  I tried to mix the peas and squash and she caught on quick.  No squash mom, no squash!

Oh, and before I forget.  Today I got information on K3 schools for Emma.  Appears I have to get her on the list now!!!  I called one school and they told me " you are not too late, but definitely not too early"!!!  Hard to imagine Emma in a little uniform going to school.  But in just a few short years she will be doing exactly that!!

I just noticed in the picture that she is looking at my Sonic cup!
I'm on call tomorrow night so Brad will be guest blogging!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Today was a lazzzy Thursday at the Norris house.  Emma slept until 8ish then she joined us in the big bed.  We then ate lunch at Corner Bakery, ran a few errands then back home for Em's afternoon nap.   Brad worked from 4-8pm Emm and I spent more time on the front porch rocking.  Not very exciting day, yet one of my favorite!

Emma:  Well, today was a lazy day indeed.  But hey, a baby needs a day to just relax, so I'm not complaining.  I shiver to think what mom has planned for tomorrow though!

Emma woke up around 6:30 this morning.  After breakfast we loaded up and headed to the Natchez Trace trail to run/walk.  It is a pretty hilly course so we run up all the hills and walk down them.   We, of course, made a pit stop by sonic then grilled burgers for lunch.
After Emma's afternoon nap (which are getting shorter by the day) we loaded up again to find a birthday gift for Uncle JW.
We also stopped by Barnes and Noble to look at books!!  I'm proud to say Emma picked out her first book!!!  I had no plans to buy one, yet she had that book firm in her clutch and I swear she was reading it:)
Book in hand and gift for JW we headed home.
Sadly my week off is coming to an end, but it has been great.

Emma:  Let me clarify the run part of mom's story.  But before we even get to the run let me remind you that my parents are still rookies.  They loaded me up to go without my diaper bag!  I noticed it was not in the car so when we were half way to our destination I passed a little bit of gas.  Sorry folks, but sometimes a baby has to take charge.  They promptly acknowledged their forgetfulness and turned around to retrieve the diaper bag.  I would hate to think what would happen if we were 2 miles down the trail and I needed a new diaper STAT!
Anyway, back to the "run".  They act like running up hills is so hard.  Let's get real folks, I've been around for 5 months and have learned how to eat, nap, sleep through the night, play and sit up.  They have been around for 30 years and are considering running up a hill an accomplishment???  Oh well, by the look on their faces (which was not pretty) I guess it was pretty hard........... to them.

Addendum by Emma:
They just thought I was going to sleep at 7!!! he he he he he.  They put me down in the crib and I looked at the mobile for a while then decided it was time to get up.  So I let out a few cries and here they come like clock work!   I knew some of my favorite things were coming up next:  front porch swing, George Strait and Dad.   Dad rocked me on the front porch while we listened to some fine country music.   I approved of the events that occurred so I plan to sleep the night away.

It's hard to see, but I was not going to risk waking Emma up on the front porch!  But the above picture is me standing in the living room snapping a photo of Brad and Emminator (Brad's nickname for Em) sitting on the swing with ipad providing the music.

Brad is working this weekend and this is my last weekend off of vacation week:(.  But we have been quite productive today.  First of all, it was kind of cool outside this morning!!
We got up around  then 7 then Em and I headed back to the Natchez Trace for another run.  Back home for a quick shower then we had a short shopping trip to look for some long sleeve clothes and pants for Emma.  Little baby pants have to be the cutest thing in the world...... well, except the baby that will be wearing those pants.
Emma is still loving her new book and it must go everywhere we go.

Emma:  Well, mom out did herself today on the run!!   I know her rules by now, "It's ok to walk, just no walking up hills; We run up hills Emma"... If I never hear that again I'll be A-OK!   Yet, I caught her in the act of taking a few walking steps up a hill!!  I knew this was wrong, so I promptly tossed my toy on the ground.  She understood the point I was trying to make. She picked it up and said, " you are right, we don't walk up hills" and picked up the pace.  Someone has to keep her on her toes, guess it will be me!

Baby Pants!

Church, Lunch, Nap:  definition of a good Sunday.   We then went to the youth swim party to kick off the new school year.  Emma was a real trooper!  I don't think I held her the entire 2 hours we were there.  She was passed around and she remained a happy camper until it was time to go.  She was hungry, hot and tired.  So was I, I think I was more cranky than Emma was!
We got home took a bath and then dad came home to continue the bed time routine.  After a few rocks from dad Emma was snoozing by 8:00.
You would think I would have taken more pictures yesterday, but I only have one.  Yet, it might be one of my favorites!

Back to work today and I hit the ground running.  It's always good to get back to work but I do miss hanging out with Emma; Reading books, playing, going for walks and just having long talks.
Emma welcomed Millie(our wonderful sitter during the day) back with full force.  She threw up all over her crib then had a total blow out while in the exersaucer!  I think Millie spent all day washing Emma's clothes!
I got home around 5:30 and Emma had her book in hand.  We read it cover to cover, then bath time, supper time, then Emma was pooped!
She usually takes 2 naps during the day, 1 short one in the AM and then a longer one in the afternoon, yet is always up by 4pm to ensure she will sleep that night.  Well, due to multiple wardrobe changes she had a short AM nap and no afternoon nap.  When I got home Emma was napping in her crib but woke up when I walked in her room, this is the look i got:

These eyes make me smile!
This is Emma here, I'm taking over the blog for today. 
Mom and Dad were both home this afternoon!!!
Today while they were at work I rolled over from my back to my stomach 3 times for Ms. Millie!  I started rolling over from my stomach to back a while ago, but today i pulled out my new trick!  Mom and Dad got home and tried to trick me into rolling over for them, but I know al the tricks.  I think I'll wait a few days before I show mom and dad the roll.
I knew tonights bath would be good because daddy was in charge.  He uses extra soap and gets the water good and soapy!  He sang quite a few songs tonight, some song about, "She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes" and "Peanut, Peanut butter.. and Jelly" and the some song he must have made up because mom didn't join in. 
After bath time Dad did his annual parade around the house with me as I was wrapped up tightly in my towel!  He always does this parade, mom gets a kick out of it, so I guess I'll keep participating.
Alas, it's almost bottle time and time to snuggle into my crib. 

Today was a whirlwind!  I got home at 6, Brad was working tonight, Emma was asleep by 7:15.
I'm always in a delima when I get home later than usual.  Do I skip the bath??  Do I skip feeding her food tonight and just do the bottle?  Do I skip playing for a few minutes??Or try to cram it all in before she crashes around 7???  Well, tonight we crammed it all in!  I think Emma knew we were rushed.  I put her on a blanket to play and she rolled from her back to stomach as soon as I put her down!!  I rolled her over on her back again and she promptly rolled over! I was trying to grab the ipad to record or at least take pictures, yet I was too late.  On the last roll her thumb went into her mouth and her eyelids were heavy.  Last bottle of the night was given and Emma hit the sack!  I swear she knew playtime would be short so she showed me what I wanted to see (her rolling over back to front) then told me she was tired by putting her thumb in her mouth.
                                                         This was AFTER her first roll!

                                                            "Who me??  I didn't do it"

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Another day another canister of beans.  Emma is now grabbing the spoon and "assisting" us.

Beans: check  Now we are moving to carrots!  She didn't have quite the gusto for the carrot, but she did tolerate them.

Emma:  Ok , folks.  I just get used to beans, not on a consistent basis might I add, and they add in this orange food.  I see that salt, pepper and Tonys sitting on the counter.  come on folks, give me a little spice!

I had to work this AM but returned home by noon!!  Brad is off the entire weekend so we finally get to see each other.  We first hit up the diaper sale at Babies R Us, then decided to eat lunch at Ichiban.  Emma was soo good while we ate and our waiter was quite intrigued by her.  I do have to say, having a baby at the table can ensure you get plenty of drink refills if the waiter likes the baby!!  Go, Em, GO!!!
The only thing that kind of irked me was the waiter kept referring to Emma as a "he".  Granted she wasnt in her sunday best, just a onesie with a plaid looking duck on it.  But, i would think the pink toys, diaper bag etc would give it away.  Yet, as soon as we got home I stuck a bow in her hair!!

Emma:  so mom and dad were finally home at the same time!!  We went to babies r us, but only bought diapers, boooo.  We then ate at some place that smelled good, yet don't think I am ready to handle chop sticks, I can barely wrangle my spoon.  I did notice the lady that brings drinks to the table kept calling me a "he" and my mom would keep saying "she".  he he he he, quite funny!  As soon as I got home I got in my desk and went to work (exersaucer).  Next thing I know I have this pink thing clipped into my hair.  I guess after you eat lunch you clip things in your hair??  More research will have to occur on this topic, maybe I'll ask Sydney if she ever gets things clipped into her hair after lunch.

messy games at church!  We attended though did not participate.  Thought Emma might be a little young for the cover yourself in peanut butter and see how many marshmallows can stick to you game.   There is always next year.
Emma was exhausted when we got home and was hot!  So we let her "run" around in her dipaer.  Then ended the night in the usual routine:  EBS.  Eat, bath, sleep.

It's Uncle JW's Birthday!!  We celebrated by making him a sign.  Happy Birthday JW!!  This also marks the first day of my week off!! Whoo  HOOOOO!!!!
We also slept in our first glow in the dark onesie from the Corn Palace!  Thanks Aunt Staci and Baboo.
We also enjoy standing in front of the table and trying to pet Jack.  Jack is a good kittie and allows Emma to grab his ears.  Way to go Jack.

Emma:  So today my mom put me in my shorts outfit so I knew this would be a good day!  She made some sort of sign and had me hold it.  Now come on mom, everyone knows I didn't make the sign.
Later that evening they put me in a onesie.  I'm not sure what the big deal was.  After they put me in it we all went into the bathroom.. yet it was dark.... and i looked down and the corn was glowing!  I'll definitely have to ask Sydney what all this glowing corn stuff is!

Whew, what a day!  Day #2 of my staycation and it's Emma's fifth month milestone!
We took the obligatory 5 month photos, then I decided it was time to clean out her closet and go through some clothes cousin Josie Kate sent her way.  I found a pea in the pod Halloween outfit.  I just had to try it on Emma and as soon as I did Brad was home from his finals.
Oh yea, Brad is wrapping up his Summer Semester of Rad. Tech. School!!  Way to Go Brad!!!  Only 2 semesters left!
Emma and Jack had a nap on the floor this afternoon.  No, I usually don't let Em nap on the floor, but she was playing on her blanket and fell asleep.  Jack usually isn't allowed on Emma's blankets, but how can I move Jack without waking Emma??  sooo they napped together.

Emma:  ok, I get it.  They want me to eat peas, but to dress me as a pea???  Come on mom, I can do this without props.  On another note, why didn't we make a "way to go dad" sign???  You need to get with it mom!

So, I've noticed I take more pictures when I don't go to work!

Today Brad and I were off again!!  This is such a rare occasion.  This morning we walked on the natchez trace trails and hit up sonic on the way home.  Big shocker I know!
After returning from Sonic, we found some sock rattles in the midst of cleaning out Emma's room yesterday so we tried them out.  She loved them!!
  Brad did have to work from 4-8pm so Emma and i sat on the front porch.... for 2 hours!!  I know a long time!  She was in her bouncy seat at first while I was doing a little studying then she sat in my lap as we discussed the finer things of life.  We had pandora  playing all our country favorites.  When I finally realized we had been outside so long we packed up and came inside.  Ate beans, took a bath and Emma hit the sack!

Just an update:  Emma can now sit up with a few tip overs.  Loves eating beans and sweet potatoes and will tolerate carrots.  She usually is in bed by 7 and will sleep a good 12 hours!  Way to go Emma!
Oh yes, before I forget.  Today was the first day Emma ate solids for lunch and supper!