Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hi folks, this is Emma blogging

I was thinking back through this day and trying to see the day through Emma’s eyes.
The following is what I think Emma has been thinking about each of the day’s activities…

I woke up at 4Am to eat because I was hungry, plus I heard my mom say she would really like to sleep in a little later in the morning so I’ll plan on sleeping late too.  I’ll eat a good early breakfast then sleep till 9AM or so.
Perfect plan, off to sleep I go.

Wait, its 7:30 and my mom is sneaking in my room, now patting my head.  Oh NOOOO, this can only mean one thing, she is about to pick me up.  But wait, I thought it was Sunday, I don’t need to get ready yet, do I???
Oh no, I hear her say she misses her snuggle time with me… decision time!
Do I cry and hope she puts me back down, or accept that I’m going to be sleeping in her arms….. sigh, I’ll oblige and sleep in her arms. 
Lady, if you want me to sleep stop patting my head, looking at my feet, kissing my head and smelling me!! I know, I know, you love how a baby smells, you love my little toes, but I also thought you wanted me to sleep in this morning.  Which I tried to do, yet you came and ripped me up out of my crib.

Ok, we have made it past snuggle time, now it’s time to get ready for church.  I know its church time because the diaper cover is coming out of the dresser.  I also see a white dress hanging on my crib.  Yep, definitely church time. 
I now hear you sing “Rise and shine and give God the glory, glory” over and over again.  Now I see why you are not in the choir!  Yet, I will give God the glory glory when I get in church.

We arrive at church, diaper cover… check.  Booties… check.  White dress… check.   We sit in our seats and I’m ready for church.  When the service starts I remember to give God the glory glory so I yelp with excitement.  But wait, why is my mom trying to put the pacifier in my mouth??  I’m doing what she told me to do.  I again let out another joyful shriek!! Ut oh, I’m out of the service, likely going to the nursery.  Since I don’t understand why I was taken out of church for “make a joyful noise” I’ll ruin my diaper cover and part of  my dress.. sorry mom, some things just happen!  Good thing we had extra diapers

Back home after church and we load up for a walk, I’m assuming.  But when we take off we are going a little faster.  I like the scenery so will stay content.  Then I notice mom is beet red, sweating way too much and it appears she is having trouble breathing.  I’m trying to tell her to stop running, she doesn’t, so I fall asleep thinking why would anyone do this to themselves.  Before I fall asleep I wonder why I have this floppy hat on my head, but fall asleep before much pondering is done.

I wake up back in the car, floppy hate still in place.  I notice I have missed out daily sonic trip but she has that cup with red straw in her hand.   I would notice that red straw anywhere!!  But I am wondering why in the world is this floppy hat still on my head.  One cry later, it’s off!!!  Ah, ha, now she gets it!!

Back home, guess I should take a nap and try to figure out exactly what occurred today!

Hope I figure this all out soon,


Saturday, May 12, 2012

To run or get coffee.. that is the question

This morning I woke up for the 5th time…. You see Emma woke up every 2 hours last night.  I just figured she missed me and wanted to see me….:)  We rocked, talked, sang, walked and eventually she would fall back asleep.

What did we talk about?  We discussed my goal of running a marathon before she turns 1 year old.  Seems like a long long long way away, yet she is already 2 months.  So I figured I better get on the ball, or at least put my running shoes on.

When I put her back to sleep I thought I should get out and go run right now.  She’s asleep, if she does wake up Brad is here to retrieve her and rock, talk, sing, walk.

I put my shoes on, shorts, hair in ponytail walk outside and promptly get in my car to get coffee from Cups. WHAT???  I thought I was going to run.  Sigh, maybe this afternoon as it is now cloudy and looks like rain.  Now I sit here full of coffee, Emma still sleeping, raining outside.

So why write this blog???  Hummm, not really sure except for the fact I think for me to get this done I have to tell other people to hold me accountable!  So here it goes.  I ,Lindsey T. Norris, will run a marathon within the year.   (Emma just laughed in her sleep... seriously!)
Emma get ready to be loaded up in the jogging stroller for a run.  Not our little walks around the neighborhood, no ma’am.  We will run on the nice little trails on the Natchez trace, venture out to other neighborhoods and try to avoid the dreaded treadmill at all cost!!

Well, since I’m already dressed for a run…I’m off to do what I’m dressed to do… run (not get more coffee!).   Though I would really like to watch old reruns of 90210…
Ahhhh, go Lindsey go.   Ok, Ok.  I’m going….. to run that is.