Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hard to believe Emma will be here in 21 days!!  
I’ve had the opportunity to ask a lot of people their advice on having a baby girl and their tips.   Most of the patients I see in the hospital/clinic start the conversation about me bring pregnant and then it always progresses to how many children they have.

I have received advice from “love her”, “let her cry it out”, “don’t spoil her” etc. 
Yet there was this one patient I met that blew me away!  First of all, she had 10 daughters.. yes 10 daughters.  I met them all at once and expected a huge disagreement about what each daughter thought was best for their mother.  To my surprise, they were all in agreement, not one harsh word was spoken.  I then turned to their mother, the patient, and asked her how did she raise such incredible women.  I say incredible because it is a feat in itself to have 10 daughters all agree!  Much less care about the best options for their mother regardless whether it was the best for them at that time.
Alas, I asked their mother what was her best tip for me.
She quickly responded, “people will tell you to love them, feed them, hold them, yet all that comes natural, you need to always give your best effort.  Give your best effort to your baby, your job, your family, what ever you are doing you are now obligated to give your best”  I was about to say something and she kept on going.
“You have probably given your best in a lot of areas in your life and have been successful, but your baby will watch you do everything, and if you ever take a short cut, stop before you are finished, she will see that and think that is ok.  It is never (she emphasized the word never) ok to not give your best from the second you are a mother”.

Seemed a little overwhelming to me at the time, give my best.. always.. not one slip up!  The patient then continued to talk, “this doesn’t mean you won’t mess up, because you will, but if you always remember to give your best effort more good will come from trying then bad”. 

Realizing this is a loaded comment and much easier to say then to actually do.  I will keep these words in the back of my mind. 

For anyone that has attempted P90x, reminded me of  the comment Tony Horton always says, “do your best and forget the rest”.  Guess he had more insight than I gave him credit!!

On another topic, my sweet niece, Sydney Josephine Wiley, has arrived.  She was born 2/27 and is the sweetest baby I have ever seen!  Lauren and JW are doing an amazing job and I hope I can make motherhood look as easy and comfortable as Lauren has so far!   Without a doubt, little Syd is loved by many!
I can’t wait until Emma and Sydney can meet and then I love to think of all the years they will be able to play together.