Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm baaaack

Whew, I’m back.  October has been a busy month for the Norris family and I have to say I’m glad November is rolling around. 
First off, I wanted to post all of the ultrasound pics of our baby girl!  Yes, that is right, we are having a girl and her name is Emma Elizabeth.  Yet, I can’t figure out how to post picures on here, sooo maybe I’ll put them on facebook…. I think I can do that.   Sooo just imagine the most precious, perfect little girl! 
Her last picture she had her hand waving around saying hello to all of her fan base.

This past weekend Lauren, our mom and me met up in Baton Rogue for my mom’s early birthday celebration.  We started off the festivities Saturday night at the Viking cooking school.  We learned how to grill, prep, chop, zest and about anything else that should be done in the kitchen.  We grilled out entire meal and then were allowed to enjoy it!!  (Again, if I knew how to post pics, I would insert picture here) 

On Sunday we headed south to New Orleans for the gospel brunch at house of blues.   It was simply amazing.  Great music, that soul shaking music that makes you want to stand up and clap accompanied with a brunch that was fit for a King!
I would highly recommend this to anyone visiting NOLA for the first time or for the 100th time; it was amazing.

Upon heading into the brunch I was not expecting much else except for good food, great music and a good time.  Yet, I took much more away from the gospel brunch.
The first think I noticed on all their songs was that they never stopped singing when the music stopped.  Nope, they kept holding out that note until they were practically on their knees, red in the face and gasping for air.  These folks could flat belt it out!
After a couple of songs I started thinking of the last time I keep singing after the music stopped.  OK, OK,  for those folks that know me, realize I never literally continue singing after the music due to the fact I can’t sing!
But, how many times in my day to day life.. work, church, relationships… do I keep going when the music has stopped, the lights are turned off and most of the work is done. 
Maybe it just redefines what I think “giving 100%” represents.  Instead of giving it all I’ve got, giving 110% or trying my hardest I’ll aim to continue singing even after the music stops.