Wednesday, August 31, 2011

off day!

Off day!!!!  Nothing beats a day off from the hospital! Sleeping “late”….. 7AM, eating breakfast on the couch and watching the today show then Regis and Kelly.  Can’t script a better morning than that!
Brad and I are leaving for AR this afternoon.  His grandmother Norris passed away this week and we are going to be with his family.  I’m thankful for a residency program that allows me to take a few days off to be with Brad and his family. 
So before out trip I decide to get the car in tip top shape.  Oil change included.  No, no .. I didn’t actually change the oil, but I did drive the car to the oil change place.  I always despise this chore.  They always ask what type of oil???   I always reply, “the house oil”. It always works.  I figure it works for ordering wine, so why not picking out oil. And it always does!
Then they try to tell you that your belts and hoses all need to be replaced.  I was ready for this one and politely said, “no thanks, I”ll deal with that on another day”. 
Then the next dreaded moment, they bring in the dirty air filter to show you exactly how disgusting it is.  I swear they rub it in the dirt before they bring it to you so it will be extra dirty.  I thought I was prepared for this yet there were leaves and 1 dead beetle on the filter.  (they definitely threw that filter on the ground).  He then told me this was a filter that no one else ever changes bc its behind the glove box in some “secret place”.  Geeeez, I gave in and had the dirty, leave covered, dead beetle covered filter replaced.  30 bucks later for the filter I sit back down and wait.
Here the guy comes again.  “Ma’am, one more question, your inspection sticker is out of date this month”.  Sigh, I give in again.
Total bill: 85$ for oil change, secret air filter change and inspection sticker.  Oh yes, free vacuum included!  Alas, it was ladies day!!  8 bucks off.  I feel a little better and drive away just sure I’m breathing fresh air due to my newly purchased filter.
I then go through the drive through car wash and fill up gas.  I have realized my car is way more high maintenance than I will ever be.
Lunch time and I am starting to get my appetite back!!  Yesteday I was craving bean burritos, today its hamburgers.  I decide Wendy’s is the place to go.  I can’t tell you the last time I have indulged in fast food, but it just looked to good to pass up.  I order the number 1 and they then ask me, “ what size drink would you like?  Small, medium or large?”. 
Hummm, I assumed that medium is what normally comes with all meals so I say medium and pull up to retrieve my bag of goodness. 
They hand me a gallon size coke and French fries that would feed a small army!!!  I laughed as she handed me the drink and  asked the drive through lady to show me the large drink cup.  She shows it to me and it’s the size of my car!!  No way would it ever fit into a cup holder of any regulation size.
Oh well, guess I have been educated today on fast food portions.
Now home to enjoy my meals.  I use the pleural form because this Wendy’s meal will last me all day!!

Baby Norris is doing well.  We go back to the Dr. Tuesday for our 14 week check, and we should find out the sex in 4 more weeks!!  Excited to say the least!!  We have been looking at furniture for the nursery and we are starting to put our name on daycare list!
I am shocked that we need to get on a list so early, yet don’t want to me left behind.  Would hate to fall behind before baby Norris is even born!  As I learned from the pregnancy test, there is no need to go cheap when it comes to babies!

Well, time to eat some French fries and down a gallon size drink!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

our little bean... now the size of a fig according to the internet

***I started this blog 5 weeks ago when we found out we were pregnant, yet I couldn’t post it since we weren’t telling anyone at that time.  So just bear with me it’s a timeline of blogs that I’ve been waiting to post.

We found out that I had been carrying you for 6 weeks and 4 days!   Can you believe it, 6 weeks and 4 days I was carrying a person, a living person that already had a heart beat when I figured it out.
I had noticed I was more tired than usual.   I had been taking more naps (3 hour naps). But that was really the only thing at first.  Well, ok, ok.  I had been tearing up at the USO commercials and those ones for abused pets.

 Then we had the Hindman family come visit us for the weekend.  The Hindmans consist of Brad sister her husband and their 3 adorable, sweet, cutie pie kids.  We went to the children’s museum in Jackson on Saturday and I noticed I was dragging.  Josie Kate had me walking up and down the stairs at the museum at least 4 times and I was getting winded.  I figured this was due to my lack of exercising the past month…  wrong.  So we get done at the museum and then go eat at PF Changs.  I then notice I’m nauseated.  I figure it’s because I’m tired.  I eat my meal and think to myself, “ well, you aren’t too nauseated to eat, suck it up”.  Go to bed, wake up feeling like I have the flu.  It then hits me, could I be pregnant??  So I take one of those cheap (I mean cheeeeap) at home test.  1 problem:  I threw out the directions so I didn’t know what way the line was supposed to go.  I did remember on a test I had taken 4 weeks earlier was negative and the line was running horizontal and the line I was looking at was running vertical.  I laughed, thought to myself it is probably all the hormones from hanging around the kiddos all weekend. Plus, I didn’t even have the instructions to look at.  ( you might be wondering, did you really need directions to tell you how to read it, I must remind  you this was the cheapest test ever… definitely needed some sort of directions). 
We then tell the Hindman’s goodbye and go to church.  For some reason I don’t tell Brad about this “change in the pregnancy test”.  Just sit through church and couldn’t tell you one thing that was spoken.  Sorry Bruce!   We then get in the car and take our weekly trip to wal mart.  (ok ok, Brad usually braves wal mart, but I needed to go investigate a better test).  On the way to wal mart I spill the beans and we decided we should splurge on a more expensive test so we can read it with a little more confidence than the previous one.

Go to wal mart, get test, take test… PREGNANT.  What?!?!?  I’m shocked and one happy camper.  I tell Brad and he is elated. 

Let’s go back 1 week earlier.  My sister, Lauren, and her Husband, J.W., just told us that they are expecting a baby as well in 1/2012.  Brad and I then discuss who to tell now, if anyone, and what in the heck to do now.  I call my sister and tell her the news, we talk about having birthday parties together and keep saying,” I can’t believe we are going to have kids around the same time”.   Pretty exciting!

Brad and I then decide to wait and tell our parents until a little later.  I call and get an appointment with a MD and thankfully I can go just 2 days later.  Brad can go with me and we find out we are 6 weeks and 4 days!!!  If you recall I took the cheapo test just 4 weeks prior, thus it was wrong 4 weeks ago.  Lesson learned, splurge when it comes to matters involving children.  J

We are planning on going to winnfield next weekend to tell my parents and we plan to call Brad’s family on the drive over.  We have been debating exactly how to tell the family. We finally came up with an idea.. brad will wear a T shirt.  Yep, go big or go home.. ha ha ha.  The plan is to tell the fam that brad wants to show them a new shirt and he will come out with a t shirt on that says:  In 30 weeks… (on the front)   And on the back.. I’ll be a dad.  I can only imagine the reaction!!!  It will be priceless.  We then have our 10 week appointment the following Tuesday and will then tell everybody

We have been praying for guidance on when to have children and my prayer was for this to happen on God’s timing and not ours.  Let’s face it there isn’t really a good time to have children when you are in residency.  I truly believe now is a great time because we gave this to God.  If God says now is the time who am I to argue!

Lauren set us up with the apparent bible of pregnancy, “what to expect when you’re expecting’ and ”The expectant father”.  Brad is half way through his book.  I need to catch up. 

So our little bean is 9 weeks 1 day today.  I’m transitioning from the night shift to days so I’m up at 04:30 in the AM.  I can’t help but smile when I think of what a great dad Brad will be.  He will be patient, loving, supportive and calm.  The first night after we found out we were pregnant he was already investigating day care centers around the area.  He keeps our fridge stocked with apple juice, soup in the pantry and plenty of peanut butter on hand.  It seems that is all I’m eating right now.   He makes sure I take my vitamins and gives me a back/arm/head scratch whenever I “need” it.  We will use the term need loosely. 

We have now told our families about our new addition!!  To say my parents were shocked might be a understatement!!  I originally said we were going to make a shirt that tells my parents we are pregnant.  Yet, Brad found a shirt at wal mart with papa smurf on it that said, “call me big papa”.  Ha ha ha!!  He changed into the shirt as soon as we arrived in Winnfield.  It took a few minutes for everyone to catch on why he was wearing that smurf shirt, but it did the job!

Well, that’s all for now, more to come soon!!