Sunday, June 19, 2011

red rood inn

Yet again, I realize just how “comfortable” I am. 

Saturday afternoon our church helped host a hamburger cookout at the opportunity center in Jackson.  Opportunity center (OC) is a day shelter that is operated by stewpot that helps people get back on their feet. ( Visit for more information on the great things they do in the Jackson community.) 

 A little preface of what was going on prior to meeting at the OC. I worked that
AM and got out of the hospital a little later than I wanted too.  I then attempted to find the OC, yet couldn’t find it, so left Jackson and headed back to Madison.  I was thinking, I should just drop off these tomatoes and go home.  I mean I gave an effort to make it right??  Met up with Brad and he pushed me to go, so we did.

We get there and I’m still in a little of a bad mood, and it’s hot and I haven’t eaten that day.  So I am standing under the shade and this lady comes up to me and ask Brad and I to pray for her. She states she had been 5 years clean, yet relapsed 2 days ago and was now living in a drug house.  She had an apartment she was living in 1 month ago, yet her hours were cut back at her job at Goodwill and she could no longer afford rent.  The only place she knew to go was back to the drug house.  She freely admitted she should have gone to a shelter, yet she didn’t.  We prayed with her, tears were shed and she went to get a hamburger. 

We were then at a crossroads… what do we do??? Do we say we did our part by praying and leave her to go back to that house??  She did inquire about shelters to go to, yet all the women’s shelters don’t allow weekend admits.  Well, there is this one shelter she could have gone to yet apparently some bridges were burned sometime in the past due to the drug habits so that one wasn’t an option.

We talked to a few other people and everyone decided a hotel was the place she needed to be in over the weekend.  We offered this to her and her first reply was, I want you to go pay for it, because I don’t trust myself with the money.  Agreed, redroof inn was the destination, she followed us there and we got her set up.   (this was a group effort, not a Lindsey and brad thing, we just happened to help her get to the hotel)

We had a pretty long talk about trust and how we were trusting each other, she agreed to stay put all night, no visitors and I would call her later that night and again Sunday afternoon.  I then saw a little piece of me in her.  We all go through those times where we feel like we don’t deserve something.  Where we feel we are at the bottom of the barrel and anything good that happens probably isn’t real.  She told me she didn’t deserve this hotel room and we discussed how we don’t deserve anything but everyone has a right to the best their life can offer.  And the best her life could offer her right then was a hotel in the red roof inn.  We then set up a plan for her to go back to the OC Monday to establish a shelter and to call work to inform them she would be out Monday.  She had a plan for Monday and  I left.

I attempted to call her 2 times last night without answer.  Brad and I were then curious about what was going on so we drove back to downtown Jackson and saw her car was gone.  I laughed, said, “well, we tried” and left  thinking I would get the same result when I tried to call today.

Well, I just got off the phone with my new friend.  When I was talking with her yesterday she did not want to tell her 3 sons she had relapsed because she knew they would be disappointed.  (I know, I know, she has 3 sons, yet there are some strained relationships and pride that affect who we ask for help).  Her youngest son actually “caught a ride” up to Jackson to find her.  He went to the drug house where he was told she was living.  My friend then broke down and called this son unaware he was on his way to Jackson.  He was in Jackson already when she called and she told him that she was in the hotel.  He came by and took her car last night to get the tired fixed… ahh ha, no wonder the car wasn’t there when we drove by.  I then questioned her about not answering the phone.  According to her the phone wasn’t working right yesterday, confirmed by the front desk.   She then went to church this AM and left a note at the front desk for me incase I came by while she was at church.   

She is going to the OC tomorrow and will be back at work Wednesday.  Today, she is a new person.  Her son left his children with her at the hotel so she could see them.  A lady at her church bought her chicken for lunch.  It appears she will get placed in a shelter tomorrow and be back at work on Wednesday.  Right now she is on cloud 9, she feels she has everything she needs and can’t stop thanking God.  Literally, it was tough to get through a sentence without  a “praise God” being said.  As I sit here on my couch, under a blanket with the AC on full blast I wonder the last time I have said Praise God for having a house to live in, a meal provided and family at my side??  It’s all perspective, she’s definitely eating surf and turf while I’m eating Vienna sausages. (referenced prior blog)

All this to say, please pray for this lady and all the struggles that are heading her way.  Sometimes we find friend’s in the strangest places.

I’m also reminded of my attitude prior to meeting this lady.  My pitiful attitude was changed due to her and all the other people at the OC.  Everyone has a story to tell, some more difficult than others yet everyone deserves the best their life can offer - Whether it's a shelter, red roof inn, a fee meal or a hot bath.

Humbled beyond belief,


Friday, June 3, 2011

shoes, doughnuts and phonics oh my...

First I would like to give a big shout out to Kendal and Kevin!! Their wedding is tomorrow and I'm soo sad I can't make it.  I'll be at the VA all weekend, but will be thinking of them!!  I wish them all the happiness, love and fun times this world can offer!

Getting to sleep in is wonderful and this morning was one of those days!!
Woke up to Jack, our orange cat, snuggled up in the bed with me under the covers.  Then decided to move onto more important things… updating my cafeworld on facebook!  Ha ha ha, I know.. I know.. it’s pointless.  But less face it, it’s pretty addicting.
Next on my agenda was coffee… with creamer and whip cream.. back to the bed I go.
Turn on the today show and New Kids on the Block are singing along with the backstreet boys.  Who knew??  Maybe I’m just out of the loop, but when did they merge??  Geeeez.

Today then changes tunes and mentions the national spelling bee and has a list of the most commonly misspelled words.  (Misspelled was one of them).  I can relate to this, I am a horrible speller.  I think it’s because I was never taught phonics.  My mom and everyone else that is my age and ascended through theWinnfield schooling system disagrees.  It appears the all learned phonics, so why didn’t I??
Well this question was answered now long ago by my mom.  My sister actually taught me how to read prior to kindergarten.  You see, we would “play” school.  I was forced to sit in a desk and she would teach me what she learned in school that day.  (I obliged because to play with Lauren was tops, if it meant I had to sit still in a desk, I would gladly comply).  Our theory to this horrible spelling problem is that when phonics was being taught I did not pay attention because I could read, so I never learned how to sound out words and spell them.  Alas, I’m a horrible speller.  I adapted to this by writing so messy so nobody can read my writing and figure out that my spelling is so bad!  I’d rather be known as a person with bad penmanship than a horrible speller. 

Next, I turn to number 2 on my agenda, finding new running shoes.  I am debating between the Nike free and Reebox realflex?!?!  Decisions, decisions.  I’ve always been an asics runner, but think it’s time for a change.  It appears nike might win due to nobody in the Jackson area has women’s realflex, only mens.  And the men’s shoes are quite unattractive.  I tried on those “minimalist shoes”.  You know, the ones with the toes cut out… they look like a sock with a thin sole.  I would love to run in those, but my toes just don’t agree.  My second toe is longer than my big toe and those shoes just aren’t made for my long second toe. 
 But things looks up when MSN. Com notifies me that today is doughnut day!!  So I’ll forgo my shoe shopping and go participate in this event, krispy kreme here I come.  (sure do wish there was a shipley’s here!!)

I also just noticed it has been quite a while since a blog was posted, oooops.  Well, maybe because not much has been going on.  Well, a lot has been going on, just work, work and a little more work.  We did manage to squeeze in a short trip to the beach last month, which was WONDERFUL!!!  We were there about 36 hours, but well worth the drive to sit in the sand, cool beverage in hand, staring at the ocean mindlessly. 

We are also in the midst of trying to find a place for our next vacation/beach trip.  I just received my schedule for next year.  (we get our entire schedule for the upcoming year, days off included.  Brad and I are both off the week of Thanksgiving and for Brad’s spring break!!)  So, we are trying to decide where to go next March when we are both off for an entire week!!  Ideas please!!!

If you are wondering why Brad gets a spring break it’s because he was accepted to rad. Tech school!!!!  (not sure if I posted this before).  He will be starting this August and will be in school for about 2 years.   Hooray for Brad, I’m beyond excited as is he. 

That’s enough randomness for today.  I’m off to find some running shoes, a stop at the doughnut shop and possible pick up a dictionary so I can learn to spell like those 10 year old champion spellers!