Wednesday, May 4, 2011

what to do, what to do

Long time no blog!

One thing has been on my mind… Well, ok.. lots of things have been on my mind, but this one thought keeps pulling itself to the front.    Bin Laden.

I was shocked when my TV show was interrupted to confirm that Bin Laden had been killed.  For 10 years this joker had been on the run (aka sitting in a mansion??) and nobody could find him.  Well, no one was willing to give information pertaining to his where abouts. 
Anyway, I was then torn between whether to be happy, elated, sad, disturbed or just confused.  I ended with confused.  Confused on how to react to this news.  The emotion I ended up with was relieved, this is the one emotion I know for sure I felt.  Then, I kind of felt sad how people were reacting.  Actually celebrating his death.  Celebrating that a life had been taken. 
Let me back this statement up by saying I realize he has done some horrible things in his life, has taken many lives himself, and is an evil man.  Let’s get real, he orchestrated the largest terror attack on the USA, this man was up to no good.  Yet, does this make it ok to actually celebrate a death.  

I don’t know much about him but I know he was a father, a husband, maybe a grandfather.  I’m sure these people are grieving??  What do they think when they see so many people celebrating his death??
The only thing I could compare it to is when someone is on death row and is executed.  Some people cheer and some protest, some are elated some are saddened. 

The following morning after the news broke of his death I finally decided that I was relieved this occurred; yet disturbed by some reactions.  I then found myself doing a strange thing.  So strange that I had to stop myself, hold up a high five for God, then continue. 
I prayed for his family.  (this is the time to gasp, stop reading and call me crazy)  Prayed for them to be at peace and to comfort them.  I only prayed for them once and I am wondering was it wrong and that’s why I haven’t had the mindset to pray for them again???  Did I waste that time on my way to work when I could have prayed for something different???

My relief this event occurred is now turning to a little tension of what is coming next.  Will there be retaliation?  Or will all of his followers tuck themselves in their homes and never disturb the USA again??  Seriously doubt they will tuck themselves away. 
I guess the long and short of it, I 100% agree this event needed to happen, Bin Laden needed to be found, I just am not certain that a celebration needed to occur.  

Well, those are my thoughts; I would be interested to hear yours.