Wednesday, March 23, 2011

weed and feed, geeez

Hi folks!
Today I am off work!! Whoo hooooo!!  I then thought what a great day to blog.  Yet I couldn’t really think of anything to blog about.  I then proceeded to google, “what to blog about”.  To my amazement, there are blogs on what to blog about.  My favorite title was, “make your blog sizzle”.  I opted to not view that site.  I decided to forgo the ideas from dear ole google and just write about what is going on in the Norris household.

Well today started with a bang as I tried to use Scott’s weed and feed on the back yard.  I had the perfect set up.  I had the little green cart thingy that spreads the weed and feed evenly over the yard.  I had 2 bags of weed and feed and was ready to go.  I decided to mow the yard first and the spread the seed.  After mowing I read the instructions and it says to never mow prior to spreading the weed and feed.  Oh well, I’m putting this stuff down today like it or not Scott.  I try to open the bag and the bag explodes leaving little left in the bag and lots on the ground.  Let’s just say that spot should have no weeds and abundant grass if the grass feed really works!  I then open the second bag, less eventful as the first, and cover the remainder of the yard.  I then water the yard.  Then read remaining instructions and it states to not water the yard after spreading the feed.  Ahh, I’ve violated 2 rules according to Scott.  Let’s hope this turns out o.k.

I was then thinking, why do I need to “feed” my grass.  Shouldn’t it just be happy it gets watered frequently, that we don’t have any dogs to leave ‘surprises” on the grass and mow it regularly.  Let’s face it, this grass is more high maintaince than I am.

My grandmother, Nana, has a great theory towards her plants and grass.  She refuses to water her plants.  She states, and I quote, “it makes them weak”.  I think Nana is onto something!  If the plants never get watered they become strong or die.  She is weeding the weak ones out and the strong ones survive.  Believe it or not she can grow any flower, anytime of year, anywhere.  All because she gives her plants tough love.  No watering for those flower, no sir’ee.

Brad is working today.  He has an interview with the Rad. Tech program at UMC tomorrow!  I am so excited for him.  He has a business degree from La Tech and is looking for a change of pace.  He has really put his career on hold for me and I am so thankful he is finally pursuing his career.  He won’t tell anyone this, but I will.  Brad is amazing.  He has totally put me first thus far in our marriage.  He applied to rad. Tech school last spring and got accepted into Delgado in New Orleans.  That was the same time I found out that we would be moving to Jackson, MS for my residency.  Did he pout, complain or blame me once?  Not for one second.  He was thrilled for me and got ready for the move to Jackson.  Now it is time for Brad.  I just hope I can be as supportive and understanding as he has been for me.  So Gooo Brad, I’m proud of you and know you will knock their socks off tomorrow! 


Saturday, March 19, 2011

I can't think of a i'll do nothing about it.

I heard a great comment this week in passing.  I was in the hospital working on discharging a patient when I overheard a conversation.  The attending was talking to the cardiology fellow about what should be done regarding a certain patient.  There was a pause and the fellow said, " we should do nothing".  The attending replied, "Exactly, we will do nothing".  He then continued to explain in long, complicated cardiology terminology why they were doing nothing, but ended the conversation saying, "doing something doesn't always mean productivity, and sometimes doing nothing is exactly what needs to be doing".  

I thought this was a pretty remarkable comment.  I find myself getting stuck in the "do something" rut.  If I see a problem I assume I need to do something to fix it.  Yet, sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.  

Applying this to my own life.  I sometimes feel like I should be active and do something in all my "roles" in life.  My role as a resident, as a wife, as a friend, as a daughter/sister as a Christian.
I'll preface this by saying each year as a New Years resolution I pick 3 things I want to accomplish that year.  Once the 3 things are chosen, each day I make an effort to do something, big or small, to achieve these goals.  Whether it is to read some medical book each day, run or read a morning devotional I try to move towards these goals each day.  Which I have found to be pretty productive.  Yet, I can slap wear myself out.  

Maybe i should focus on priorities first.  Yes, i have 10 minutes in the morning to read a devotional or pray on my way to work.  Do I have time to cook every night?  Nope.  And will I beat myself up over it, Nope!  Brad carries more than his fair share of cooking duties, there are box meals and lets face it,  no one in the Norris household has ever gone to bed hungry.  So I will scratch that off my list.  There is no need for our house to mimic  Mayberry or Aunt Bea.  So, I will let that go, I won't do nothing, yet I will do less.   
Do I have time to run everyday?  Maybe, but then I spend less time with my family.  so, will I get frustrated when I can't go to the gym.  nope!  I'll relax my expectations of myself, do absolutely nothing on some days and aim to run 3 times a week.  Whew, I feel better already!  
Can I make it to church every Sunday?  Sadly no.  Will I beat myself up over this.  No.  I firmly believe I am doing what I was put on this earth to do and since I believe this is God's will for my life, I will cherish the Sundays I am able to go to church, yet embrace the fact that I have a job that I love.   
Do I see my friends and family as much as I want?  Definitely no.  Yet, that is why they are my family/friends. They understand and love me for who I am.  If not, I don't think they would put up with me for this long!:)
So, i'll make more phone calls, send more cards and accept the fact that I will miss weddings, birthdays etc.

After reading this it appears to me that I am now lazy!  Why this change?  I really wasn't stressed out before or felt like I had too much on my plate, but I do feel like I need to downsize my expectations of myself.   I need to sit and embrace where I am now.  Sit more on the front porch and notice the flowers more than notice that I might need to go weed that flower bed.  

I also wonder if anyone will notice a change??  Probably not. Will I notice a change?  who knows!  But I will keep the "do nothing" quote in the back of my mind and wonder am I doing something just to do it or check it off a list or am I really being producitve. 

Happy Saturday!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits a dollar....

Hi y'all!

Long time no blog...
Let me start by saying, I have goofed!  In the first blog I wrote that our anniversary was 3/28/2009.  Well, I was wrong!  ha ha, it's 3/29/2008.  It seems this has cause a little confusion among some folks.  No, we didn't get married twice (mom and dad give a sigh of relief), I just typed the wrong date... and year.

I love sports!  Playing or watching, I just love to be a part of the atmosphere.  I love the noise, the food and the energy the stadium holds.  I  LOVE the saints!  Truthfully, my favorite part of a Saint's game is the "crowd cheer" prior to the start of the game.  The entire stadium chants in unison the "who dat" chant!  Who dat?  Who dat?  who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints!!!  There is so much energy!  It's quite amazing to get the entire superdome to say one chant together and it's even more impressive how loud it gets.

That being said, what would happen if every job had a cheering section??
What if every time a teacher teaches a child to read he/she gets a standing ovation??   What if every time a bank teller made a transaction the wave was started??  What if every time a trash person dumped the trash can in the truck he/she heard "we will rock you" on the loud speaker?

It's funny, but I have been thinking, how much more enthusiastic I would be if I had a cheering section.  If every time I admitted a patient to the hospital or discharged a patient a cheer would blare over the loud speaker, some current pop song would be played in the patients room and high fives were passed around.

That sounds pretty awesome.  But as I continued watching the game I also noticed people "boo" and heckle the participants in each sporting event.  Sooo, what would happen if I go to wal mart and get a rude cashier.. could I boo him/her?  If I'm at work and they are out of rice krispy treats in the cafeteria, can I heckle the cook??  If I am at chilli's and they are out of fajita pita sauce.. could I stand up and start screaming at the server because it was a horrible "call" to be out of sauce?

I guess I'll stick with no cheering section because I surely don't want to be heckled and have boo's hurled at me!
So what to do with this thought??  Well, really nothing.  I won't start a cheer in the hallway of the hospital and I surely won't start booing people when things don't get done as I think they should.  Maybe I'll just start handing out more  thank you's and more smiles.  We all need some sort of cheering section, just maybe without all the hoopla.

Happiness is within. It has nothing to do with how much applause you get or how many people praise you. Happiness comes when you believe that you have done something truly meaningful.
Martin Yan

I found this quote and love it!!  Maybe this is why we don't have cheering sections at every work place?  Guess we don't need applause or approval and we should just try and do something meaningful each day.  Doing something meaningful?  Wow, that's a profound thought.  Might be the next blog, once I figure out what "something meaningful" is!

Who dat!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

go fish!

I love a good quote!  My favorites are Winston Churchill and C.S. Lewis, but I just love a good quote that states my exact thoughts. There is one quote that has been on my mind lately.

"our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy, That is not our business and, in fact, it is nobody's business.  What we are asked to do is to love, and this love itself will render both ourselves and our neighbors worthy if anything can".  Thomas Merton

First, I can't stand a double standard.  I can't stand treating somebody different due to financial status, race, sex or creed.  What I CAN stand is loving each individual person the same, not showing bias and loving with our whole heart.  So where did this come from?  Why am I on this kick??

I'm not really sure, but it's been on my mind, thus I will share with you!

 I am aware that in life we are not all dealt the same deck of cards.  We do not all have loving, supportive parents that discipline us and make sure our homework is done.  We do not all have parents that help pay for college and attend every sporting event whether we play our not.  We don't all have family that makes sure we are in church every Sunday and surrounded by people that love and care about us.   We do not all have a house to call home, food on the table every night or clothes to wear.

I also believe that we can alter peoples hand they are dealt and give cards that are better and throw the cards in the bone pile that hold us back.
I like to think of everybody on Earth in a big game of Go Fish. :) I'll throw the cards I don't need in the pile and hopefully they will help somebody else.  Also, hopefully somebody's card will come along and help me.    

I totally agree "too much is given much is expected in return".  I don't think the "much" part of  this only means monitory gifts.  I think this means family and support systems.  I think this means confidence and education.  I definitely think this means money, talents and time.  I think this also encompasses being a Christian and having the privilege of growing up in a Christian home.  I feel since I have "much" in the support system thus I owe much to those who do not have family or friends who believe in them.  I feel I have much in the education department and now am obliged to education people on their medical issues every time I come in contact with someone in the hospital or clinic.  I feel as a Christian I have much in Christ's love and am obliged to share this love.  

Last Sunday in Sunday school we had a conversation that has been on my mind as well.  We were discussing the death penalty which led to reform schools for young kids that appear to be headed down the wrong track.  The statistics are startling at the rate of incarceration and lack of education for these kids that never really have a chance.
I turn this to my life and I realize that I was set up for success.  Not by any of my own doings;  My family has set me up to succeed.  They showed me love, support beyond measures and provided me an education that has now launched into a medical career.  They had a roof over my head, food on the table and clothes in the closet.  I think about that "much was given to me".   I feel a strong obligation to return this "much".  This much includes sincere love for others, love regardless of age, race, financial status, health, political or religious beliefs.

So what am I going to do today, well I will make a strong effort to be patient and loving to everyone I encounter.  Whether in Wal mart, Kroger, in the hospital or driving down the road.   We are all dealt a different hand in the game of life yet, and it's my responsibility to realize this in everyone and love them unconditionally.  It's my responsibility to love without questioning.  
What else will I do?  Right now I don't know but I am on the prowl and will find something, somewhere to make a difference, all starting with love.

Till next time