Thursday, February 15, 2018

2/8 - 2/14

Well, big new in the Norris household. Brad is transitioning to staying home!
it seems he has everything under control!


Little E had her 6 month check up today!!

The kids love to put mousetrap together; but has anyone ever played the game??

Will was a big help making banana whip: frozen bananas blended together with vanilla extract; taste like ice cream!!!

Little E is now 6 months thus she has been put to work. When Em was a baby she would sit in her "desk" for hours and play. Will never liked the desk too much but Ellen seems to enjoy it!

Big day in the Norris household. We had Will's 3rd birthday party today! Gaga and Pops came to celebrate with us.
We started out with hair cuts (ok, i get it, not b day material, but it had to be done) followed by the trampoline park and pizza; then cake and presents! For supper we had Will's favorite meal: STEAK!

Helping Pops and Dad fill his new sandbox!

Well, little E has found her voice as she likes to yelp and babble and has also found her love for food!

Will's birthday week continues with a party at school today!

sisterly love!
Em has had a low grade fever; lets home this isn't a start of another illness!

A happy camper at his school b day party!

Happy Birthday little buddy, Wilbie, Will!! We love you!!

turning 3 is tough

still eating...

em has found a love for texting. I'm not sure if this is parenting win or fail; but it's sweet to see her text gaga and pops!

Em also has strep throat again:(

Happy Valentines Day!! We had a day full of candy, flowers and cards. Em is feeling better and hopefully back to school tomorrow!

Brad is now staying home full time and totally in the swing of things! Before I could get home he had all 3 kids at the park!

Camille, one of Em's friends from school, was sweet enough to drop off Emma's valentines from her class. the Valentine box they made at school made me chuckle!

2/1 - 2/7

Pajama day at school!

Em reading books to use before bed.

Fri yay!!
Em had her fun run at school!

this toy wins the most used Christmas toy award!
the trampoline box that has not moved since Christmas wins the least used toy!:); hopefully it will stop raining one weekend so we can put it together!

sweet little biscuit!

Bedtime for Will now includes Brad tell Will hunting stories! From what I can tell Will's favorite story is about a duck blind!

oh just sitting up eating a rice rusk!

too cold to play outside so to the Burger King indoor playground! This is the best kept secret around; no one is ever there!

E's new past time is trying to grab the remote control car when it drives by her! baby giggles for days!

It's finely warm enough to play outside!!

E is ready for church!

Em has to have a little bling with her church dress!
rhinestone headband for the win; or at least not worth the fight!

Throw back Monday

Back to super bowl 2016! em has grown a little, Will still loves football but now we have the addition of little E. A lot can change in a year!

Sweet E enjoying being outside!

Pops came for a visit today. when I got home Em was quizzing Pops:)

even biscuits need to nap every now and then:)

quiz time!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

1/25 - 1/31

Today is Emma's 100th day of Kindergarten and she got to dress like she is 100 years old!
Brad is home today and I got home early .. and its not cold--->To the park we go!!

100th day of Kindergarten!

sweeping is a family event:)

Will wanted me to take a picture of him wearing a shirt like Pops!
We texted the picture to Pops and he replied with his picture. Will squealed when he saw they matched:)

Pops replied with his own picture:)

It's funny to watch Em and Wilbies interaction with little Biscuit:)
Em likes to read books to her and Wilbie likes to show her toys and try to get Ellen to play.

Will is trying is hardest to get little E to color:)

Em reading her library took to biscuit!

This Christmas toy is entertaining to all. Something about watching a car drive around on a track is mesmerizing; add on that it glows in the dark and we are entertained for hours!

We are heading to Baton Rouge today to go to Syd's B-day party! Happy 6th birthday Sydney!! We love you!

Decorating cookies was a hit at the party!

Party is over, rain has halted; time for owlet to save the world on her scooter!

Everyone loves Pops!

Before bed Will and James entertained us with a dance party. The boys have some moves!

After a weekend in Baton Rouge everybody is worn out!


Sweet sisters! Ellen likes to listen to her sister read.

Will had an exciting day at school learning about hibernation. He told me he was hibernating when he wrapped his blanket around him; looks like we need to work on building a nest!

Every since Emma wore glasses for the 100thday of school she has been obsessed with them. She is now wearing them only at night as she wears her contacts during the day.:) (she does not wear contacts)

Above is her contact case. She takes her contacts out nightly and puts on her glasses!

contacts out, ready for bed!

Occasionally we will be out doing something and she will say, "Oh, no, I forgot to put my contacts in and I can not see" :)  :)


Wednesday night church! E was most impressed with the light post outside!