Tuesday, May 8, 2018

4/26 - 5/2

This afternoon started with tennis; followed by Art on the Avenue at Em's school; followed by Brad showing off his mad sewing skills and sewing a button on my shirt!:)

a little tennis selfie!

a quick trip through the car wash is everyones fav!

Art on the Avenue!

our little artist

sewing man!

Well, Brad and I are off on a quick "kid free" trip this weekend and Gaga/Pops are holding down the fort! Em had a T ball game tonight and Pops took Em to the game while Gaga stayed back with the younger crowd...E and Will. Will demonstrated just how tired he can get by promptly falling asleep on the bathroom floor.

Waiting on the t ball game!

The Norris house was up very early from what I was told; After falling asleep so early will woke up around 4AM and Ellen was right behind him at 4:30! This didn't slow Gaga and Pops down! They had a fun day at the trampoline park, chick fil a then Liberty park followed by playing in the mud.
Meanwhile Brad and I enjoyed a nice quiet dinner/beach and relaxation:)

We got home around 3:00 and the fort was held down well!!
The house looked cleaner than when we left, there were new flowers in my pots and the kids were all happy! Gaga and Pops for the win!!

After we got home we had a quick trip to the park before coming home and getting ready for the week.

biscuit got to come to big church... only with Gaga and Pops. Back to the nursery next Sunday E!:)

park time with friends!

who doesn't wear there pajamas to the park??

sweet buddy.

the ole faithful fishing game is a hit.


Sweet sister cuddles in the morning!

Will drew some wolves at school today and he was quite proud of them!

E is pulling up! So proud of herself!!


Little biscuit loves her walks with Dad!

Today was "rainbow" day at school and Em dressed the part!

Biscuit is getting into everything!!

Monday, April 30, 2018

4/19 - 4/25

It's safe to say E loves her daddy!

Today was field trip day for Em; they went to the zoo. Gaga came over and brought some ferns and watched one of Em's t ball games! Em is really getting into tennis so Gaga took Em to buy a new tennis skirt, racket and some tennis balls!

Em at the zoo!

Thanks to some sweet mommas for taking pictures!!

tennis tips from Gaga!

Cant' resist a selfie with Wilbie!

sporting her new tennis gear! Thanks Gaga!

Saturday started with more tennis; park; followed by Will falling asleep during his hair cut. Little buddy plays until he can't play anymore:)

Em teaching Will how to play tennis:)

Will reading to the crew.

tuckered out!

park with friends!

e loves to swing!

We brought it back old school today. Anyone up for phone with a string and cup??

After school we had a little scooter riding, park time.

Little E does not seem to notice the switch from breast milk to formula. Sweet dreams little one.


Will is growing up! Will is making his own PB& J sandwiches.

I can do it by myself!

Little E is also growing up! she has figured out how to kick hard enough to rock her car seat forward so she can go from laying down to sitting up in a few swift kicks!

Why Hello little biscuit!

so proud she is sitting up!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

4/12 - 4/18

If this week needed a theme it would be mamma is sick and dad is running the house like a champ!!!
Whew, All I can say is we survived the strep. throat invasion to Lindsey of 2018.


this is what happens every morning now. E wakes up, sits up, tears her mobile down then alerts us she is ready to get up:)

Must be a throw back Friday!!

First time in the ball pit and loving it!

Sunday is for church and playing in the mud!!


Evolution of a picture from a baby and 3 year old!

Well, our nursing journey is over.  After being sick this weekend E doesn't seem to mind a bottle one bit!

Em had a t-ball game tonight; Brad and Em went to the game then had a cookie date post game!

Regarding T ball: Em seems to like it this year. they don't keep score and no one wins.
But.. Em is adamant that all the other teams don't know you are supposed to tag the runner and get "outs" so her team wins each game because they know the rules. To be clear: I don't think our team has recorded an out either this year. Funny thoughts from a 6 year old!

The text I received from em:)


morning conversation with Will!

Will gave E ALL the puffs and she was THRILLED!

Will, E and Brad had a "leisurely" lunch at chick fil a!

Dad always gets the laughs:)

Wednesday now means supper and playing at the park!