Saturday, September 16, 2017

9/7 - 9/13


Someone found their smile!

No more bobble head!  we have head control!

chipping in with the yard work after school!

helping Dad pick up branches is fun.. kind of:)

Walking to school is always a hit with Will. He was also most impressed with himself that he got to be the doctor today and Em was the patient.

Well, today is the day we all load up and go watch MS state vs La Tech!! Hoping for a la tech bulldawg win! Em is quite confused on why we are not cheering for MS State as we do live in Mississippi!

Trying out the new stroller before hitting the road.

napping norrises!

We made it!! All happy campers!
Too bad the outcome was not what we hoped; but a good time was had by all!

We spent the night with Gaga and Pops and had a lazy Sunday! Em and Will love to "fish" in Gaga/Pops pool with fishing rods. It is quite relaxing!
 E and pops got some bonding time in and Will was quite impressed that Gaga let him have this alligator.

I guess an alligator is a good toy to nap with!

Back to school today for everyone! I go back to work next week so savoring these last few days at home with the kiddos!

When Em gets home from school she usually plays school with Will and goes through her school day with Will.

newest Saints fan on the block!

Brad can make an excellent crown! Before books everyone had to put on their crowns!

Ellen: It was sprinkling today at pick up time for Emma so we met Em at the gate in the van! This was a hit with everyone! Will got to watch the school bus go by, Em got to ride home sitting by Mom (don't fret; we went 0.0001 miles in our neighborhood going 2 mph) and I got to nap!

pick up time!

The car ride must have made the big kids WILD because they ran around the house all afternoon until Em went to dance! Don't worry folks; I was safe and sound in Mom's arms or in the nap nanny!


We have a reader!!! Em is reading her new library book to Ellen!

Monday, September 11, 2017

8/31 - 9/6

I think this is the first time Will has really given any thought to Ellen. Besides finding me when E is crying and stating "Momma, baby cry...  feed baby"; there is little interaction between Wilbie and Ellen.

A sweet card Em made me:)

We could not be more proud of Emma!! At school she was selected as a Super Jag!!! Way to go Em; we are proud of you!!

Our super jag!

Off to school we go!

Wilbie is ready for football season!

Little E must be growing because she is eating.. all the time right now. We have been propped up on the couch all morning nursing! I have my gear ready: snacks, water, candy, remote!

After school we met one of Em's classmates at the park, then ended the day with icee's!

In other news Little E is one month old!! We are a tad on the obligatory one month sticker picture but surely we can get it done soon!

Nothing beats the start of football season and a looong weekend!!!

Well, maybe a napping Ellen beats it all!

Pops came early this AM! Pops kept Ellen while we all went to church. We ate lunch then spent the afternoon playing outside. For supper Em picked to eat at Burgers and Blues to celebrate being named Super Jag at school!! We are so proud of you Em!!

I went for a run this afternoon; Em was determined to join me so I let her join in the last part of the run. She beat me:)

Pops is here and we started the AM at the park! We stayed for a couple hours and ended our park adventure at the softball fields! Em and Will ran around until they were covered in red dirt then we hit the road home for a much needed bath!

Well, Will is very interested in Ellen now. As in.. he is adamant he needs to touch her eye..eeekkk.

E, what do you think about your brothers new interest in you??

E was too fast for a wilbie poke!

Some nights you need to eat a PB&J in front of the TV to survive the evening! Today was that kind of day.

Em has been working on this leg set for a while and we were at a stand still as we were missing a lego piece. We requested it online from and it came in the mail today! Who hoooo!! Pizza cafe lego set is complete!

The kids have been playing doctor a lot lately; poor Wilbie is always the patient.

George is the patient this morning!

E is not amused by playing doctor.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

8/24 - 8/30

Gaga is coming today!! I also hear I am starting swim lessons today! Em tells me I will get M&M's at swim lessons if I'm a good listener!! I will have my good listening ears on for M&M's!!

listening for M&M:)

kick will kick!

Em ready to go!

After swim Gaga cooked us supper and Mom had to go to a meeting at Emma's school.

If you wonder what Ellen thought about her first bottle while I was gone... this face sums it up! Not a fan:)

Cheeks for days!!!!

Well, Em woke up with a sore throat and upset stomach.. to the doctor we went and she has strep. throat. Poor Em! Gaga stayed around and got everyone fed lunch and settled in for nap before leaving for Winnfield! Thanks Gaga!!

An icee makes the doctor visit a little better.

A book with Gaga makes everything better!!

Starting to perk up after a good nap.
It seems the rest of the house, cat included, is in nap mode!

all my cublets:)

Em loves her sister!

Well, today started with somewhat of a science experiment in the kitchen! This included volcanoes and rockets!! I'm glad Mom kept me in the living room!!

3..2...1... lift off!

After science time the girls (me, Em and mom) took a trip! We went to the library for new books and hit up our favorite watering hole: sonic.

When we got home Dad was touching up the walls with paint and he let Em help!! Poor Wilbie was not allowed to help with paint!

The day ended at a Sunday School cook out at some friends house! I was passed around like a hot potato and slept most of the time! I hear Em and Will got to swim; I guess next summer I'll get to enjoy the pool! For now I'll nap and drink milk.

Ellen and I stayed home from church; Wilbie, Em and Brad went as Em sang with the children's choir!

After church little E played for a few short minutes on her play mat and Em helped Will build a truck out of legos.

Well, what can I say we are pretty predictable!
School for Em/Will; Ellen is nursing and sleeping and when the big kids get home the legos come out!

Em and Wilbie are still playing with legos all... the....time. And for some reason the lego people's hair will not stay on and this seems to cause much grief in our family! Today we lost lego hair in the ball pit!!! EEKKKKK; this led to emptying out all the balls until Em found the little plastic piece and happiness was restored in the Norris household!

I'm still not amused by legos and prefer to nap on Mom while lego fun is going on. I prefer the tree frog pose... legs curled under me, arms curled in tight and eyes shut!

What a day!!
Today I got to walk the long way to school and we had to use an umbrella!!
You see I have been wanting to take  walk around the neighborhood before school for some time and today I got to do it because I was dressed early! It was also sprinkling so we got to use a umbrella as well!!

Mom: Em has been begging to take the "long way" to school since school started. Today was the day I deemed "long walk to school day" and of course it was raining:). Umbrella it was for this walk!