Thursday, August 2, 2018

7/26 -8/1

Em and Will are still loving sleeping in the same room! Sleep tight cublets.

I feel out of all the fast food joints; chick fil a has the coolest toys! Brad and Will attempting to put together the cow!

Well, I'm working this weekend. Brad brought the crew to my parents and He, Will and Ellen will come back tomorrow.  Emma gets to stay at Gaga and Pops along with Sydney for girl cousin camp!

Em stayed at Gaga and Pops for girl cousin camp; Will and E hit the road home with Brad!
2/3 cublets are home!

Cousin camp is going strong while E and Will enjoyed a quick lunch with mom and dad!!

Em and Syd are having fun at cousin camp! Getting their nails done!

Happy Birthday Ellen!!!!

Emma is home!!!! Helping to decorate E's cake!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

7/19 - 7/25

this crew is headed to the beach!!

The beach with friends is the best!

Little E and Palmer became fast friends.

telling secrets on the playground

to the beach today followed by more pool time!

We got home this afternoon! E played in some dirt while em/Will played just about every board game we own.


Today Em and Will had a tea party upstairs; even Louis the cat was invited.


E loves corn!

big girl walking to her room post bath:)


Look Dad, I can brush my teeth!

If you wonder why are there no recent pics of Em/Will.   They have started to sleep in the same room and now all they want to do is play upstairs before bed:)