Wednesday, November 22, 2017

11/9 - 11/15

Poor Wills face is more swollen today; to the doctor I fear!

Little E is getting read for thanksgiving!

Em and Will are all smiles with our supper plans: ICE CREAM!



Saturdays are for the park!

Saturdays are also for thumb sucking!

Well, we are in a new stage! E bust out of her swaddle every night to find her thumb:)

11/13/2017 through 11/14/2017:
This will be known as Emma has the flu and strep throat:(  Gaga came to town and brought Em to the doctor followed by an icee which makes everyone feel better. Thanks Gaga!

We will regroup when everyone is feeling better!


Well, we have a new family member. Em found a shell outside last week and put it on the table. Today the shell was hanging on the lamp! HA! The snail was still inside! I'm sure the little guy is hungry!

Em was in charge of pictures tonight; below is her gallery:)

Em is still puny and having fever but slowly getting better!

11/2 - 11/8

Humm, no picture today!
Throw back Thursday!!

Friday!! Will is ready to go to school with his bag!

I got to eat lunch with Emma at school!
Sweet friends enjoying their Mom's at lunch!

We all loaded up and headed to LaTech homecoming! Breakfast with champ, parade, tail gating and the game! We even made it to half time! We all went to spend the night with Gaga and Pops and were all sufficiently worn out!

Today is the day of rest.. no picture!
Throw back Sunday!

Even super heroes need a break every now and then.

Ellen: I can tell Mom is tired by how much she let's Em and Will get away with! Mom was tired tonight!! They were doing cheers on the footstool and even drug out all the kitchen utensils and Mom didn't say a word!!:)

The day started out great with Emma reading her new library book to us; took a turn for the worst when Will pulled over a podium on top of himself at church!

Friday, November 3, 2017

10/26 - 11/1

Em trying to teach Ellen how to play Hi Ho Cherry O.  This could take a while.. like years:)

Fri yay!
Started with a field trip with Em's class to the pumpkin patch followed by us loading up (minus Brad, he had to work late) and heading to Baton Rouge for the Wiley pumpkin party!!

hay ride!

sweet friends!

Wilbie sleeping in a big boy bed!!

We woke up this AM and headed to the pumpkin patch! Full of corn mazes, zip lines, face painting and more! After this the Norris crew was worn out and we hit the road back to Madison to see dad!

spider facepaint!

pony face paint!

Sundays are for church and apparently selfies!
Today was also Ellen's first Sunday in the church nursery! She slept most of the time and seemed to enjoy it! We love Parkway Hills UMC!!

Will's class party is today!! cat boy to the rescue!!!

Halloween! Em is owelette, Will is catboy and Ellen is a candy corn!

Kk made sure Ellen was in the Halloween spirit! A couple of wardrobe changes throughout the day!:)

Well, Halloween is over which means Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner!
Starting the holiday season off with the annual misteltoe marketplace gala!!