Thursday, July 20, 2017

7/13 - 7/19

Emma is home!!!
This AM syd and Em had one last swim at Gaga and Pops then headed home!
When Emma got home Will gave her the biggest hug!!

Will clapping along to the movie "Sing".

playing paper dolls with Em's house she made at Aunt Staci's!

I'm working this weekend so Brad is holding the fort down!
Last weekend of work before Ellen arrives!!

Ellen's rug came in the mail today for her room and boy was it a hit! The kids loved playing with the plastic wrap it came in and helped Brad unwrap it!:)

Note Will in a polo; he picked out his clothes today and this is what he picked out!! Where is my smocked shirt?!?

Brad won Dad of the year today; as he does everyday! I was working and Brad conquered a birthday party and  a play date at our house after the party. He even let them paint! On top of that he already had supper plans lined up when I got home! I'm impressed!!

I think it's safe to say everyone, including Ellen, is glad this last call weekend is over before little E arrives.
Brad braved the pool alone and when I got home I got a little nap!! Thanks Brad!!!

Em took some time to review colors and numbers with Wilbie on her leap pad.

Today KK brought the kids to the Natural Science Museum! The topic was ants!

The youth came over for supper and bible study which means Em and Will got to stay up late!! They have come to love Wed. night! Stay up late; desserts always on hand and unlimited TV!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

7/6 - 7/12

Today the kids went to the zoo! It was hot but never to hot for sunglasses!!


Friday can only mean 1 thing! Well, ok 2.
Play dates and candy shop visits when I get off work!!

Doesn't everyone wear sunglasses to eat breakfast??

sweet friends!

sharing candy on the way home from the candy shop!

This AM we headed to Winnfield! The Dugdemona festival is this weekend and Gaga has the girls all ready for the lemonade stand competition!!!  the girls did great and their stand was adorable! Thanks Gaga! The girls won "fan favorite" and got a bucket full of goodies.
Unfortunately Wilble started to get sick as soon as we got to Winnfield. Our Dug. Fest was cut short with a visit to the community clinic where poor Wilbie was diagnosed with bilateral ear infections!
Poor buddy!

The "Dug Mug" lemonade stand won Fan Favorite!

Well, poor Wilbie is still not feeling well so he is heading back with us to Madison. Em and Will were supposed to stay with GAga and Pops until Thursday but with Wilbie still acting puny he will have to come home with us while Em gets to stay for camp cousin at Gaga and Pops!!

Poor little buddy!

We had a wild night!  I can no longer trim my toe nails due to this belly so Brad willingly trimmed my toe nails. :)

Em and Sydney had a big day at Gaga and Pops! Morning swimming, followed by a visit to the local Safari, followed by VBS and then a night swim!! These girls should be tired!!

Will is feeling better!! He is enjoying being an only child and is currently hooked on building towers with pillows!


Another big day for Em. Nail painting, golf cart riding with Pops and VBS!

Will enjoyed another day as an only child and tonight had fun playing on the front porch while it rained. Poor Wilbie; his vacation is not near as fun as Emma's! We did go get ice cream tonight after supper!

Ellen had another check up today; All is well. If you look close you can see her sticking her tounge out in the ultrasound picture!!!

Well, I think it is safe to saw Emma has had a great time at Gaga and Pops this week!
I'm a little bummed I could not stay as well but who can predict getting sick!
I do believe I'll get to see Gaga and Pops tomorrow when they drop Em off though!!!

Today the girls watched a movie, played crafts at Aunt Staci's house, went to VBS and had another night swim!! I fear our night swimming will be cut out as soon as she arrives back home; maybe a bath in the big tub will suffice!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

6/29 - 7/5

Gaga is here!! She brought the kids favorite supper: chicken pot pie, orange fruit (cantaloupe) and brown cake (school house chocolate cake)!
After supper we went for a walk and em/will jumped in pot holes that were full of water! Who knew playing in a pot hole would be so entertaining!

Little E had a good check up today; almost 35 weeks along!

If you ask Will, "where is gaga"?, Odds are he will point to the kitchen and say "cook"!! Ha!!

This AM before Gaga left the kids cooked on the floor.

Tonight I am tired!! This is verified by the fact that the kids ate PB and J for supper and snacked on raisin/cinnamon bread while watching a movie before bed!Sometimes you just gotta make it to bed time!!
In other news, Brad will be home soon!! They will fly into New Orleans tomorrow night around 10PM and should arrive in Madison around 2AM Sunday morning!! We are all excited!!!

Saturday!! We started off at the park pretty early followed by an early lunch and making "Welcome home" signs for Brad! As he will get in around 2AM Sunday morning!
After nap we went to some friends home to swim little then home for an early bed time!

Brad is home!!!!!!!
Sadly the only picture I have is one that Wilbie took while we were loading up for church!

But here is evidence that Brad is back on US soil!!! Welcome back Brad; we missed you!!


Little E, or should I say big E, is measuring 8 lbs! I'm 36 weeks!

Happy Independence Day!
We started off at the pool and ate lunch pool side; then nap; then to some friend's house for supper! The girls made a clubhouse for girls only! As you can tell from the picture it was well labeled with "No boys allowed" signs!

Photo courtesy of Will; but I guess this can count as a "bump picture"!

snacking it up at the pool!

snacking is serious business!

no boys allowed!

Early morning painting.

Funny moment:
Will was fussing after his bath and took his shorts off and threw them; little did he know they would stick to the brick!! After the shorts stuck we all got a good laugh and Will snapped out of his funk and continues to throw his shorts at the brick until bed time!

This afternoon they visited the Natural Science Museum and learned about snakes!!