Saturday, April 22, 2017

4/13 - 4/19

Em had her Easter party today at school and Brad got to attend!

Friday means a trip to the candy shop!!! Will went with his favorite: gummy snake and Em always goes for the rainbow sour straws!

We hit the road early this AM to go to gaga/Pops. Will's newest saying is "Gaga cook". Anyone that knows Gaga knows she can cook it up and Will agrees!

sweet cousins cackling like a bunch of teenagers!

I got a  picture with sweet James. If you ask Wilbie what James' name is he will replay: J-DAWG!!

Aunt Staci helped the girls make bunny cakes! I think she baked 8 different cakes to assemble these bunny cakes!! Aunt of the year!!

Will had a friend come over to play! Patrick and Will will be fast friends!!:)

dying eggs in a diaper!

The girls were much more careful dying their eggs compared to the boys!

He is Risen!

Easter Egg hunt on a 4-wheeler!

Will is a more laid back hunter. He eats his candy as he goes!

The kids table is filling up!

On another note: Wilbie and Em are staying with Gaga and Pops while we (Brad and I) go back to Madison! Gaga and Pops will return Em/Will on Tuesday! Good luck!!

Well, we are without kids (except for Ellen who is pretty easy to take care of ) until tomorrow. We went on a leisurely walk; went out to eat after 7pm (gasp!) and went to bed early!! We are wild!!

Em and Will seemed to have a big day! They swam, played Pioneer people, jumped in the bounce house, made cookies and ate all of Gaga's food that they could eat! Apparently Pioneer people is when you hand wash towels outside by the swimming pool! Those girls have an imagination!

Pioneer people.

Em and Wilbie are back home!!! Em had her first T-ball game tonight and it was a riot!!

While they were warming up Em walked over to me looking a little down:
Me: Em, whats the matter?
Emma: Mom, some girl told me her hair was cuter than mine??!  Mom, my hair is cute too!
Me: Oh, EM; your hair is definitely cute; now get out there and play t ball

Also, apparently Em inherited the "Thurmon big head gene". Her t ball helmet is too small! Off to buy a youth helmet!


Today is beautiful!! Brad revamped the sand/water table and the kids took full advantage!! For some reason it was full of sticks and leaves.. Emma?!?!?

Thursday, April 13, 2017

4/6 - 4/12

Little Wilbie got a hair cut today. He has grown quite fond of hair cuts compared to his first trim!
This evening we walked over to Em's new kindergarten for their "arts on the green" and go to walk around her new school for the fall, play on the playground and look at all the art the kids have made over the year. I think the biggest hit was playing on the playground!


Mom is working so Dad is running this ship this weekend!
Mom leaves us a note every weekend that she works and we always like to wake up to our note! We ate breakfast, played then headed to the park for a quick lunch.
When Mom got home we went to the Mississippi Braves baseball game and ate our weight in junk food!! I"m talking cotton candy, nachos and ice cream!!

sweet cubs holding hands walking to the game!

Wilbie here. Dad got us dressed for church and no amount of fussing would work for me to wear my under armour to church. Into the Jon-John I went!
After church we went to the church Easter egg hunt!! I even got to meet the Easter bunny!! She seems like a pretty nice bunny if you ask me!

I found enough eggs and set down to enjoy my candy!

Monday is always dance and t-ball!
Em's dance recital is coming up and we got to watch the last part of dance class to see what they have been working on ! They are going to be chickens in the recital:)

While Em was at practice Wilbie and Brad hit the park!

Today we practiced our egg hunting skills!

Waiting for Dad to hide the eggs!

Will had his class party today! Looks like everyone had a good time!

Em is back on her game kick and tonight we broke out the pizza party game.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

3/30 - 4/5

What else to do on a beautiful afternoon then hit the park!!

Today is Friday!!
I got to have some buddies come over this afternoon as soon as Mom got off work!! We played and played and played some more then made pizza for supper before my buddies had to go back to their families.

Ready for school!

Today we went to the gym and I wanted to wear my under armour clothing; but since I slept in them and wore them yesterday Mom vetoed that idea. We compromised and I got to wear my boots with my shorts! After the gym we headed to this art festival then home again for rest.
Tonight Mom and Dad went out to eat and Ms. Tracey played with us!! She's a pretty fun gal!


Elizabeth, formerly known as Khaki Donkey, taking a ride to the gym.

Em working on her weaving from the art festival.

Part of Kate's Krew!!!! Find a cure for Friedreich's Ataxia!

Rest time while Em feels little Ellen kick!

Monday now means dance followed by T ball practice so snack supper it is! Will picked out the largest serving spoon he could find to eat his yogurt!

note the massive spoon! He made it work!

Em gets a kick out of when the coach tells the girls while they are playing defense to put "their booty in the air". They all want to squat down to catch grounders and he wants them standing up! Ha!

Kindergarten registration is tomorrow and we celebrated by going to Chuck e cheese! It's been years since I have frequented that place but we all had a good time and might even go back!

prizes for all!! Wilbie got some loot as well!

Kindergarten registration was a success!
Em stated " I think this is going to work out" when I asked her about her new school:)