Monday, March 20, 2017

3/9 - 3/15

I am finally feeling better and hopefully (fingers crossed )over morning (all day) sickness!! It's good to be back to my ole self!!
Love my night time snuggles!!


Will is one happy guy in the car pool line for school!!!

Em had her 5 year old check up today! Growing like a weed!

a little wrestling on the trampoline!

we usually eat pizza on Friday but today we made our own! I think it was a hit!!

Today Brad and I went on a day date for my birthday that is next weekend but I'll be on call.  We did absolutely nothing but sit and talk! We ate yogurt then drove around then stopped at a coffee shop then drove around a little more then back home. I can not think of a more perfect birthday gift!!!

Em took all the pictures today. I love the pic of Sweet Tracey laughing at something Will or Em did!

Meet Elizabeth the unicorn and Owelette. Tracey even made a name tag for Elizabeth!


Spring break is in full session! We started at the park and ended up in the mud puddle!

Not much going one except Em is still loving legos and will spend hours carefully putting those little pieces together and Will is just happy to be finally facing forward in his car seat!!:)

Also, Em has instituted a new Spring break policy. She only takes a bath every 3rd night. And I think I'm ok with that!!

Em is still loving Owelette ( and wears the costume everywhere) and her legos. Will is happy to do whatever Em is doing. Today he was particularly interested in petting the feathers on Em's costume!

Em showing off her feathers to Wilbie.

This fun timing guy still does not like pants but he is growing quite fond of his boots!!

3/2 - 3/8


Will never meets a stranger! Today he met a Madison Police officer!!!

Owlette is still patrolling our house!

Will found a new friend at chick-fil-a!

And our sweet baby girl has a coming home gown! Thanks Gaga!

Today is Em's birthday party!!!  She celebrated at Pump-it-Up and it was a super hero theme. She of course wore her owelette costume the entire time!!

Poor Will fell asleep on the way to the party!

Sunday is a day for rest!! Gaga and Pops hit the road but not before playing with a few of her new toys. Em just HAD to have this smoke breathing dragon that toast marshmallows.. not sure where she saw this gadget but gaga and Pops came through!

coloring her umbrella!


To pretty of a day to stay inside! Em was trying to teach Will her dance moves on the trampoline.

Happy Birthday Emma!!! We Love you!!
We celebrated with Em's favorite meal: spaghetti and corn on the cob followed by a pink cake with ink icing. She opened some legos from me and Brad and Wilbie gave her Hungry Hungry Hippos!!

Legos!! She loves them and is pretty good at it!Somebody please tell me how to keep all the legos organized or at least together?!??

First game of Hungry Hungry Hippos! Em and Will love this game and I forgot how loud it is!!

Friday, March 3, 2017

2/23 - 2/29

Switching things up a bit and going to Jimmy Johns for lunch!

KK caught em playing at school!! Em keeps her cards close to her chest regarding school so it's always nice to see her in action!

So many picture opportunities today and I didn't get a one!!
Em had princess and pirate day at school and got to wear her Elsa dress up clothes to school and make pizza at school. She was Oh so excited about this!
This afternoon Gaga showed up to help me! We are housing a group of guys from our youth group this weekend as they attend a local retreat and my Mom has come to help feed folks!! Thanks Mom!!!

The kids are loving all the youth staying at our house! Gaga cooked breakfast for the crew then hit the road to play tennis. They should no go hungry after that big breakfast!!
This afternoon we took it easy while the youth were at the retreat. Wilbie got my phone and snapped some photos followed by a wrestling match on Em's bed!

dog pile!

Well, today is Sunday which means church and all these boys are going home. They did play with me so I think I will miss them!

Poor Em has an ear infection.
This was a big day for Will! I finally gave in and turned his car seat forward facing! I think he likes it!

At the doctor!

One happy camper!

Will has a new tactic to avoid putting on pants! Yoga!!! This move is quite effective as he will topple over if you try to put said pants on him!!:):)

Will prefers his Tux shoes over any other shoes at this moment. Thus tux shoes with shorts for Pancake supper at church!!

Will learned an important lesson today! Don't let go of your balloon or it will float away!

 And we got school pics in today!

We got em's super hero costume in the mail for her birthday party this weekend! To say she is excited is an under statement! she slept in the thing!!

Even superheros have to brush their teeth!