Thursday, May 25, 2017

5/18 - 5/24

I got to see little Ellen today and in true Norris fashion she is measuring big!! 3lb 6 oz at 28 weeks; measuring 31-33 weeks!

This afternoon we met a couple of friends and went to the Livingston Farmers market. Em had fun playing in the water slides and Will had fun making his own boat with Brad!

Momma went to New Orleans for a quick trip and Gaga/Pops are in town!!
I have my dance recital tomorrow and they came to watch!!
I also hear Pops is going to get roped into painting Ellen's room pink! You see Ellen's room used to be Wilbie's room until Wilbie moved upstairs. Wilbie's room was blue and he scuffed up the walls waayy to much! So a fresh coat of paint,  a new crib, and we will be in business for Ellen!

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Em's dance recital was today and it was precious!! They were part of the Wizard of Oz!; They were jazzy chickens!

Will was so excited to hand Em flowers after her performance!

Well, no picture today. VBS started tonight! Em is pumped and had a great time! VBS is a superhero theme which is right up her ally!!

Throw back to a year ago when we were at the Atlanta Zoo!

Cheer camp at Madison Central HS started this week as well as VBS!

Will enjoying some singing at VBS before we headed home!

The last night of bible school is tonight and Em has had a blast!! She doesn't want it to end!
Will took a break from playing today and put the swiffer to work!

A little ice cream treat after bible school.

Em had cheer camp this AM and Will got to go see the new Curious George exhibit at the Children's Museum!!

When I got home this afternoon the kids started there new favorite thing to do: play with ice, coffee mugs and coffee filters followed by having a "pillow party"!

mugs of ice for everyone!!

pillow party!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

5/11 - 5/17

End of the year party for Em!! I think everyone is sufficiently tired after a couple hours at "the beach"!

Last T ball game today. Em will miss hitting the ball and playing in the dirt; Will is going to miss the ring pops from the concession stand!

good game!


Well, the day began and we unpacked Ellen's crib and changing table!
After a quick lunch and an even quicker nap by Wilbie we headed to the fair in Livingston! Brad wins the trooper aware for riding the tea cups with 3 kiddos!!

The box that held Ellen's changing table was a hit!!!

Tea cups!

sweet friends!

The bear ride was Wills' favorite! He never wanted to get off!

everyone is a winner at the fair!! At least it wasn't a live goldfish!!!

Mother's Day!! I'm certainly one lucky momma to have Em and Wilbie!!

My groovy chicken getting ready for her recital next weekend!!

Everyone needs a picnic supper every now and then right!!

Truthfully I can't recall what in the world we were doing. But this PJ set should be in the blog! Will loves the Lion Guard and HAS to sleep in some sort of Lion Guard clothing or bed time is not pleasant!

Somehow this peg board has become a birthday cake. Everybody in the house gets a happy birthday singing and then has to blow out the candles. And don.t forget, the green pegs are always the candles!

Last day of pre K4 for Em and to Kindergarten next year!!
Will is going to be moving on up at MUMC!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

5/4 - 5/10

Mom is on call tonight and when she left to go back to the hospital after I was supposed to be in bed I gave her a big wave and blew her a kiss as she back out of the garage!

Lindsey: This made my day!!! Looking up and seeing sweet Em wave good bye made me want to pull back in and give her a hug.... so I did. Small delay on the way to work but well worth it!!!

Mom is off today so she brought us to school and picked us up! After my nap we went to the library! I even got to pick out some books; as you can tell from my picture I was pretty thrilled!

Will might night look thrilled about his books but he was thrilled about the DVD he picked out. Not so much that he can watch a  DVD but he now sleeps with this certain Elmo DVD case! It is a must for the bedtime routine to go off smoothly and if it is not in the crib he will voice his opinion loudly screaming "CASE" until said case is retrieved and placed in the crib:)

Em had a t ball game tonight then we all hit the sack when we got home!

Well, Mom and Dad finished all the yard work today!! For supper my friend Ellie and her family came over and ate and we got to play!!!

The loan picture today demonstrates Will's fashion sense. He now wants to pick his clothes out and he usually opts for the larger/baggie T shirts!! But we are proud to support Kate's Krewe!!!!

Warm weather means sprinkler! And when the sprinkler is in the back yard dousing Dad with water will do!!

After church Em and I walked to Ms. Shelley's house and took a peek at her garden! Em picked a bell pepper and a tomato; she was most interested in smelling the mint leaves!

When I have to leave to go to the hospital at night most of the time (unless its late) Em will peek out from her window and give me a big wave goodbye!:)

second to last T ball game! Will has become quite accustomed to the ball field and runs straight to the concession stand and then hits the park as soon as we get there!


Em's preschool graduation!!
Kindergarten here we come!!

Gaga came and spruced up our yard a bit with flowers. Will was a big help!

Everyone loves to listen to Gaga read!

The graduate!!

Tonight we ate a picnic at the park then played. We met a few friends there as well!

Will doing a little light reading on the way to the park. :)